Advertising in social media MAKE. ICO review.

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Greetings. With you the project Blockchain Ninja. Today, for business lovers in social networks there is a unique project. This project is called MAKE and now I will tell you about it in more detail.

First, let's discuss the idea of ​​the project. The project MAKE aims to create and promote viral advertising, memes, and other advertising content in all social media. Nowadays it is popular, it is part of the media business where everyone earns. Creator of memes get their money, organizations that use viral advertising also earn money.

However, the developers of the project noted that users who view viral advertisements do not earn anything. Therefore, they took up the development of a platform that will allow you to earn on viewing viral advertising. How do you like this idea? Cryptocurrency income for what you just watch what you saw before.

The project MAKE presented us a rough market for viral advertising. And it is just huge. Every year more and more social media appears. What gives the developer and companies huge profits. Now we can get our piece of cake. It's amazing.

This is what the viral advertising market looks like.


Project MAKE

Project Make is a unique decentralized platform that uses Blockchain technology. It connects to all of your social networks, where you view viral advertisements and earn MAKE tokens on scans. The platform also allows you to place orders for advertising. It is convenient for business. For you create viral advertising, you get new customers. Content creators are also able to earn MAKE Tokens. Creating viral advertising campaigns for projects. Also in the MAKE network, you can save all viral media materials that you liked from all available social networks.

Use Make Token

The developers also gave several examples of the possible use of the MAKE token. Of course, maybe something is not included in the list, or the list will be supplemented. Or someone will be able to come up with other ways to get the MAKE token.

Ways to use the MAKE token.

• Buying content - Receive stickers, filters and more in our market.
• Customization - Buy skins, avatars, fonts, and more to personalize your experience.
• Donat - Support your favorite creators by sending tokens.
• Get discounts-, Get discounts on affiliate products, starting with ShiftWear.
• Content Source - Pay tokens for using content from other users.

Ways to earn a MAKE token.

• Become Viral - The more likes you have, the greater your share of advertising revenue.
• Contests - Create memes, titles, logos, slogans and more. Winners of contests will win prizes.
• Marketing - are you popular? Earn tokens from brands for promoting your product.
• Donat - Get tokens from your fans!
• Selling digital goods - Sell your custom stickers, stickers, emoji, games, and filters while you sleep.

Advertising and promotion.

  • Sponsorship Posts - Increase your post rating and increase exposure.
  • Advertising banners Buy advertising space for a minute, hour or day. The more you do, the more stakes you get.
  • Affiliate Marketing - Sponsor your content, such as stickers or branded modchip, which will be spread word of mouth.
  • Contests - Big prizes bring a lot of competition and a lot of attention to your topic.

Shiftwear technology.

Make is also interested in Shiftwear technology. Shiftwear is a flexible screen technology for clothing. Managed using a mobile application. Make will also connect this technology to your system. You can earn MAKE tokens by conducting an advertising campaign. Leaving the house.


The mechanism is simple. Someone wears Nike clothing and makes money from it. Your shoes or headgear will also broadcast ads.






Tokem MAKE

Private-Sale: Sept 1st - Oct 30th, 2018
Pre-Sale: Nov 1st 2018 - Jan 20th 2019
Public-Sale: Jan 21st - Feb 28th 2019
Price: 1 MAKE = 0.01 USD
We accept ETH, BTC, Fiat and few of the major cryptocurrencies on our platform.
Soft cap: 2M USD
Hard cap: 25M USD
Total Token : 5 Billion
Maximum token Circulation Supply during the first 6 months will be 2.5 Billion.
Minimum contribution: $100



The project is very interesting. Covers a large scope of advertising campaigns. Let's make money. Allows you to attract customers. It makes a big step in the development of the advertising industry.


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