BigONE - Hidden gem among profit sharing cryptocurrency exchanges

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Just several months ago it was only few profit sharing exchanges and today there is many of them. Profit sharing is great incentive for users but many profit sharing exchanges are not so successful because they don't offer anything beside profit sharing. Exchange has to be fully functional with many trading pairs to bring users to trade there.

Competition among them is hard and it pushed them to offer more and more to keep users. At first they were offering around 50% but some new projects raised profit sharing to 80%. I have thought that this is max and it is very hard to beat that but BigONE proved me being wrong.


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If you ask yourself how this is possible without being SCAM, answer is simple. BigONE team have large portion of ONE Tokens and they have their earnings fee split like all other ONE Token holders. Brilliant!

Of course that in Crypto space there is no guarantees that something is not SCAM but I believe that BigONE is LEGIT project because InBlockchain investment group is supporting this project! You can check that on their website:

InBlockchain fund is China’s oldest and largest institutional crypto asset and blockchain fund. To give you a sense of InBlockchain’s size and scope consider that they recently announced a $1.6 billion fund with 30% coming from the Hangzhou local government. Prior to that they already had a couple billion under management.
I am sure that they did huge research before putting their money into project.

Beside incredible profit sharing and really nice and smooth working exchange with nice trading volume, BigONE has to offer few currently UNIQUE things among Crypto Exchanges.

BigONE is first really EOS supportive exchange! You can VOTE on chain for EOS Block producers, you can trade many EOS Airdrops and you can even TRADE EOS RAM ON CHAIN! There is no other Crypto exchange offering that!

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BigONE exchange has started in 2017. but latest development and ONE Token project is less then one month old so price of ONE Token is very low at moment, only 0.01$! 1 cent of Dollar! Similar projects and their tokens are at much higher price and I believe that it will not stay so low for a long time.

I am really delighted with this project and I believe that it will be very successful so most of my free money is going into ONE Token! There is referral program also and here is link if you want to use my referral:

I really like BigONE project but this IS NOT investment advice and if you want to invest in it, you should always do your own research!



Trying to be realistic here. With more and more exchanges come more split of the trading. The share of revenues is only goodbye of the exchanges see volume.

Looks good, I'm gonna check it out.

Wow have a great news , i hope Bigone business is very promising on future . But i am first time hearing this exchanger name .

Thanks for sharing @cicbar
Upvote you .

Thanks for the enlightenment and informative post ..
But I still have to carry out my own research on the bigONE PROJECT

Re-steemed this @cicbar , hope it helps

Thanks 😀

Very enlightening, excellent post sir. If this can be possible, it sounds as though this is the enterprise that makes it happen. Time for me to take a nice long look at this as well. Thanks for the overview and analysis @cicbar!

You welcome 😀

100 % ? Just unbelievable. As you said, firstly i thought "it's impossible "
Then i read the whole Article and realized what is happening. China is doing much better in this sector gradually. Appreciating it.
And yaap, i think before invest anywhere everyone should do their own Research.
And thanks to you to share this Type of news to us like technically interested person.

If you wanna go the Chinese route get some neo. It's the Chinese version of Etherium.

Thanks for shareing your big one bussnise.

Thank you for sharing @cicbar

Thanks for the info man. Keep posting about bigOne.

"You know it, you know I'm the BIGONE!"

I think this exchange will work as a booster for eos to rise and higher.

i don't know much of about it.
but a little more knowledge is grown to me about this exchange.

Offer of big one is very tempting. may be more exchanges and we have more attractive efforts. Yes it's good to invest your money after own research so, you can't blame any one. Thanks for sharing @cicbar

This is my first time of hearing about this exchanger thus will be sharing 100% of its profit to its token holders. It sounds very impressive and enticing to buy their token. I will do my research about this exchange, thanks @cicbar for mentioning this platform

@cicbar i didn't know about this. but now i will definitely DYOR and will see.

BigOne business is very promising for the future. 👌Thanks for sharing @cicbar!

@cicbar, you are interesting to read!

Wow!! I have never heard of such thing.This is a new way of promoting their own coin. What a wonderful idea....instead of collecting transaction fees, they are giving away their ONE coins as equivalent to the transaction fees thus promoting their coin?? Am I correct??.It's amazing to see how businesses are evolving as a part of this block chain technology.

They do that until all ONE Tokens are mined with ONE Token trading but they are also sharing profit from various trading pairs amount current circulated ONE Tokens. You get fee from all tokens that are traded. Highest trading volume have BTC ,USTD, ONE, EOS, ETH...

Thanks for letting me know about this.....will have to look deep into it 😊

@cicbar please keep posting about new developments of this awesome project, thanks for sharing this informative article, at first glance it seems to be near to impossible but it needs to be explored.

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Thanks. I already collected GBYTE 😁

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Your good platfrom thanks for sharing

@cicbar It seems a nice exchanger. I never heard off this exchanger i will try to find more about it.

Crytocurrencies are the future…

Thanks for informing us.

there has a better future in crypto market.
No-one could not lost their chance

great news dear.
@resteemed your post.

I have a little-bit knowledge about it.
thanks for sharing such a news..

there has many things to learn from you.
I am learning about it day by day.
go ahead dear

Good post ..but reliability and trust is more concern now a days

I have to be negative on this and underline that no profit sharing exchange ever seemed to made it out clean. Otherwise great analysis and presentation. Keep up the good work!

Thanks. Maybe you are right. We will see...

Great post out there... Cheers mate!

"To give you a sense of InBlockchain’s size and scope consider that they recently announced a $1.6 billion fund with 30% coming from the Hangzhou local government." - That does sound quite promising.

Sharing 100% of it's earnings? Good like find a company that will do that in the NASDAQ.

Surely i am going to invest in this project after some research. Good project.

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Let me correct you.
There were many Exchanges with referral/affiliate program since 2013/14.
But the affiliate share was around 10% of fees and the fees were pretty high (so the margin for affiliate could be possibly much higher). would be a good attempt for Ponzi but it obviously won't be as it's really a huge success (jumping to top league just like that) and nobody would sabotage a golden goose.

Wow, it does sound like a hidden gem thanks for great share i am going to have a close look on to this you deserve upvote for this.

will research into this furthur thanks for the heads up

Great post, this project is new to me but its interesting and I think I'll write an article on this as well!

thanks for this informative post.

we can trade this exchange with high volume

if you want high volume try etherium classic

bro your right it is difficult to indentify hidden gem in such a huge crypto market , where everyday new coin is launched , let see which coin grow to their biggest after 10 years , like amazon , faceboo and other , lets hope for the best

Upvote for upvote and reply to my comments

It was very good my friend.

crypto's are future...

I tried BigONE but I must admit that I wasn't impressed. I tried it very early in it's life though, it may get a lot better than what I saw.

I don't know how it was before but now it is very nice for use in my opinion...

Thanks, I think I'll go visit it again. Last time I was there most of the wallets weren't active yet.

Scam platforms

thanks for such a well written post cicbar !

I don't believe but anything is possible...

Thank you for sharing a valuable information @cicbar .Il will do my own researcher on BigONE

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Interesting project and worth checking out, been very optimistic in projects like Binance and COSS as I believe exchanges still have a lot of room for growth and sharing the profit is a nice model to keep users engaged and invested on the project