Announcement: MoonCoin Reborn (extracted from the Telegram group)

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Announcement: MoonCoin Reborn

Dear all, as you know, the Mooncoin project has lain dormant for some time.

The reason for this being that we relied on one Dev to carry the project through. To expect one person to build a blockchain is not realistic and for this reason, we have been stagnant for all of this year.

With this in mind, I and others have made it our mission to rejuvenate The Mooncoin Project. Over the past couple of months, we have been working behind the scenes to form a solid team that will bring Mooncoin back to life.

Firstly I'd like to thank Stan Shingler and Cristian for all the help and advice they have given me over the past three months. Their help and support have been invaluable. Without them, I couldn't have gotten anywhere near where we are now.

Here we announce the newly formed Mooncoin team. Our new team is not only made up of devs but also includes a marketing & community support as well as Social Media Team. In total, we now have a team of 14 people that have volunteered to give up their time for Moon. We will all work together as one team to deliver the projects we will announce in the future. I'm sure you'll all agree that is a substantial number.

The Dev team consists of @MichiLumin. Michi has already built the Mac wallet for Moon. During our first discussions many weeks ago we talked it over. Michi just went and did it on her own. All credit to her.

Alongside Michi we have @derekcc. Derek is well versed in our technology and bring many years experience to Moon. Stan Shingler will be out Advisor/Treasurer. Stan knows Moon's history as well as anyone and can advise all teams re the different projects.

Next, we also now have a Marketing & Community Support Team. @Sunn3y has been helping the community with wallet issues etc. She has offered to take on this role going forward. Marketing will help devs create, test, debug as well as produce content for all media outlets. This will include, but not limited to, graphics, video, introductions, YouTube. In this team we have @andiiraw4n, @Nguyenp (phuc), @justincawa and team leads @esdrase (Esdras) and @P_Sycophant.

To attract outside interest in Moon, we have a Social media team that will work together to drive campaigns, advise and take direction from Marketing. To build a credible case for investment, we need a broader community. The way to do this is by creating good noise. Not just any noise but by applying creative tactics to make Moon stand out from the overbearing shilling that goes on Twitter etc. The social media team is made up of @fivedaywait, money, MoonCoinRus, @visualskim and R.

The different teams will not work in isolation; we will all endeavor to form a cohesive unit, working together to bring Moon back to where it belongs. If there is the opportunity to bring someone else in that is capable of advancing the Moon project, we would welcome them.

Our real work starts now. We have to work towards the upcoming fork and see what opportunities that brings. We will deal with the 62B stolen coins. The community has voted and spoken in favour of a burn. This is one of the most significant issues and will be dealt with.

The teams will need time to settle into their roles. Some have hit the ground running and have started work already.
However, please note, all of us have real-world careers and are volunteering to work on Mooncoin. Many long days and late nights have made this happen. We will do all we can to make your investments grow and raise the Profile of Moon. We look to the community and ask you to support us too.

There is a Development Fund already in place, and we will need the community to contribute to it. We will need to reward the hard work of the teams and costs involved in the work requiring completion.
Below you will find a link to the dev fund. It will be pinned here and posted elsewhere for the community to help.

$Moon. You know where it's going.

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