Crypto Mark Steemit airdrop event - Get up to 1000 Crypto Mark for free

The Crypto Mark is a cryptocurrency, which is based on the Ethereum platform and ERC-20 compliant. We do consider moving it to another blockchain, e.g. to the Steem blockchain, at a later stage. It is set to guarantee the stability of its value over time. Specifically, it comes with a non-alterable total supply of 82m units, which is less than 1 Crypto Mark per German inhabitant. It is forgery proof, allows for quasi anonymous peer-to-peer payments and is not influenced by Governments, Central Banks or private individuals.

Our target is to create a transaction currency which is accepted worldwide – not only in Germany.

To achieve this target we are educating people worldwide about the Crypto Mark by distributing it freely to those people, who support our development. Overall, 85% of all Crypto Mark will be given away to the people via airdrop and bounty campaigns. 

As part of our distribution plan we will give away 500 Crypto Mark to all Steemit users, who upvote this post. Additionally, we will pay another 500 Crypto Mark for a resteem. Also, please write a comment with your username‎ so that we can recognize you. Please note that you need to register on our website to participate in any of our Bounty or airdrop campaigns. The event is also open to existing users, which have participate in the distribution event before.

Please note that the free Crypto Mark will be paid into a vesting account, which will receice interest weekly. If you require a payout to your wallet, this is possible at any time - simply send us a notice.

Also, please feel free to participate in our weekly bounty campaign. Further information can be found here:

Offical webpage and forum  



Telegram Group


Good luck - and let's make ‎the Mark great again


Make the Mark great again
Username: Paranoxxx

lustige idee :) werd ich gern unterstützen bringt dem deutschen endlich seine Mark zurück :'D
hab mich als "Stekz" registriert :)

wird CTM direkt in euren Onlineshop integriert?


Hi Stekz42,
Danke für Deine Unterstützung. Der Plan ist im Moment, dass wir im Onlinestore Gutscheine verkaufen werden, die man in Crypto Mark bezahlen kann. Diese werden erstmal aber nur für 20-25% des Kaufwertes einlösbar sein. Sobald es ein Börsenlisting mit einigermaßen verlässlichen Preisen gibt, werden wir Crypto Mark ganz akzeptieren.
Schau Dir mal die Regeln für die wöchentlichen Distributionsrunden an und schau mal im Telegram Chat vorbei.

Upvoted and Resteemed.

CTM username - Thenuka99

Hi Thenuka, welcome and thank you for your support!

Nice giveaway chryptomark ! ooCox here. Everybody, don't miss more CTM tokens - there's the Banskyskysky Crypto Mark Sticker Contest going on.

Hi ooCox, welcome to Crypto Mark. And yes, guy please look at the Banskyskysky Crypto Mark Sticker contest. Its fun and supports the Crypto Mark development.

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Upvoted & resteemed !
crypto-mark username : chokri29

Thank you for your support

crypto-mark username: cbob1911

Welcome cbob

crypto mark username: asuedan

Thank you for your support

upvote and re-steem
crypto-mark username: yongthanyee

Thank you yongthanyee for your support

Best of luck for the grand success of Crypto Mark

Thank you. Don't forget to send your username from our website

My name is the same here and there, hello, CM

Hi Elish

Crypto-Mark username: yumoto353

Thank you for your support username : vishalhkothari

Upvoted and redeemed.

Thank you for your support

Cryptomark ist Weltklasse! Fast Growing Community and such a good Dev! Oerni79 on Crypto-Mark

Danke für Deine Unterstützung. Die Gutschrift kommt mit der nächsten Abrechnunung nächsten Montag!

good project, let's make the mark great again. success for a good project like crypto mark.

user name: christogonus.

Fantastik ! CryptoMark to the moon !

Hi gorgo, don't forget to write your username from our website to participate. Thank you for your support

oh yes ... it's Gorgo. Thanks a lot.

Got it

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0.1 SBD transformed into a $0.33 upvote!

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Got it. Welcome.

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I can attest Crypto Mark's target to create a solid community!
Supporting the campaign!

Welcome dale!

upvoted and resteemed

crypto mark is great, crypto mark is best among many other cryptocurrencies.

crypto mark user name: christogonus

Better late than never ...
upvote et resteem

Alice @AliceDeux2 @sen_jo

Its never too late!

Upvoted and resteemed
Username: unitrust

Thank you very much. We have credited your vesting account with 1000 CTM.

The Mark is getting great again :) Nice work.
CTM Username: PrinceEndy

Thank you very much. We have credited your vesting account with 1000.

I upvoted. My crypto-mark username is Pachoo9. Thank you!

Thank you very much. We have credited your vesting account with 1000

Good project
My nane: Vasul17

Thank you vasul17. You will be credited with your free CTM in the next weekly round.

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Late but better than nothing. Cool project.

CTM username: atronax.

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