Do you know German Coin ?

German Coin ( GCX ) uses a pure Proof-of-Stake (PoS) block generation model. The value of GermanCoin is determined by the demand for GermanCoin, as with gold or silver. The price can go up or down, but on average the value of GermanCoin goes up. The mix from a big number of users, a high number of acceptance places as well as the commodity value in precious metals gives the GermanCoin a value increasepotential which lets an outlook for the next 5 years seem realistic that the GermanCoin, after the stock market introduction, reaches a value of 5 US-Dollar.

Non-Fixed Supply

GermanCoin has an initial non-fixed supply of 100,000,000,000 coins (GCX). The basic money supply amount is created as an ERC-20 Token Smartcontract on the proven Ethereum platform. This approach eliminates a cryptocurrency remine. Further issue of coins will be conducted via Proof-of-Stake (PoS) block generation indefinite period, providing
growth of coin supply from 1% to 10% interest per year. The currency issuer (company) will be distributing GermanCoin according to the distribution model defined below.

Technology Overview
GermanCoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency with a distributed, decentralized public ledger, which unlike those of traditional banks is viewable and easily audited by anyone. GermanCoin uses a Proof-of-Work (PoW) creation cycle followed by transition to full Proof- of-Stake (PoS). Proof-of-Stake is eco-friendly and efficient, and avoids the vast waste of energy and hardware overhead of PoW-based networks. Users who keep their wallet open to secure the network via staking will get from 1% to 10% interest per year. GCX transactions are extremely fast due to the approach described and get processed within a few minutes. The software (wallet) is open source, so its safety can be audited. Every GermanCoin user shares the transaction history, so the ledger is entirely transparent. From the technological perspective, GermanCoin will utilize its own independent blockchain, as opposed to many other cryptocurrencies built on top of existing public blockchains (e.g. Ethereum). GCX uses a pure Proof-of-Stake (PoS) block generation model, ensuring eco-
friendly approach to transaction processing.

Distribution Model
GermanCoin initial supply will be distributed to several categories of businesses with the following proportion:
● marketing activity by users takes 20.000 M GCX,
● Users worldwide 70.000 M GCX,
● GermanCoin Foundation 1.000 M GCX
● 9.000 M GCX for the development of products and services to be conducted by the GermanCoin team.

Initial owner of coins will be exchanging it to Bitcoin and Fiat currencies at a pre-determined fixed rate. The rate is gradually increased as we get closer to the goal (a number of users in the ecosystem). Coin owners will have a strong incentive to accumulate coins they hold for reasons of Proof- of-Stake model, giving from 1% to 10% interest per year for holding GCX. This effect will ensure the safety and stability of the whole network by bringing online more full nodes to
process transactions and blocks in the system.

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Seven months ago. At what stage is German coin now. Any updates, progress, ICO etc

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