What Qualities you Need to Success in the Crypto World

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The market is really boring and flat lately; we are in a bear market since the beginning of 2018. It has been almost eight months and the market was like a slaughterhouse yesterday.

Can you imagine that the market cap has reached a critical point of 192 Billion in value? It is insane how many panic sellers, impatient speculators, and crappy ICOs we have in the space.

At this point, we don't need those people anymore because it is unhealthy to reach a mass adoption.

What we need

Project development is accelerating at a rapid pace and it is great for every crypto enthusiasts.

The mass adoption of crypto need the following elements to succeed:

  1. Ability to spend crypto easily anywhere in the world.
  2. A variety of merchants to accept it in their store.
  3. A way to store them easily for anyone; without any technical knowledge involved.

Qualities you need to have to be successful in the crypto space

From when I started my journey in the crypto world, I pass through a lot of emotions and strange market cycles. I present you some qualities you need to have to have a better mood and to survive this jungle.

1- Patience

It is one of the most important to stay in this space, an investment always needs time to mature. When you sell in panic mode you can make a great error and lose a lot of money.

The time is your best friend to maximize your return.

2- Resilience

The cryptosphere is attacked by governments central banks because they don't like the idea of people's money. They don't want to lose the power of the print press. When FUD occur and the bad news hit the headlines, there is a great amount of volatility as a result.

Resilience is necessary to be able to take the best decisions for your crypto investments. It helps you to resist your impulses and sleep well at night.

3- Curiosity

It is important to search and read a lot to make wise decisions over your investments. You need to understand what you invest in and what is the value behind the coins.

Have fun discovering the technology, read book or articles, and participate on social networks like Steemit and Twitter.

4- Critical mind

Do not follow self-made gurus blindly on Youtube that predict which coin will hit the moon. The bear market has proven everyone was wrong, on the bullish market of 2017 they were seen as genius.

Always make your own judgment and listen to what your guts feeling tell you instead.


Even myself I am exhausted with this excessive swing and extreme volatility. I decided to choose the crypto market and I will fight to make my presence a success.

This blog is my business card to share my knowledge about crypto.

My mantra: never give up on crypto if you believe on what it can bring to the world.

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Hello @chesatoshi,
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The website is pretty cool and you position yourself to market your app to become popular. I put the blog on my RSS feed to see your future content there. Also, you should use Steempress to share the content on Steemit.

I want to start interviewing people on the crypto space, would you like to be my first interview?


Great idea on steempress, that way I can publish simultaneously on Wordpress and Steem. Nice!
Sure, I'd be honored to be interviewed on your channel. I have a profesional email now! Pls send the details to support@cryptomillionaireapp.com. regards!

1: patience need your entire life, not just in money-things :) Life is long, and if its over, we come again.

2: things changin' and sh.t happens. Adapt :)

3: sooo many data, and you need just pure information. You need some motivation to separate the bullsh.t from goldpieces.

4: your decision are your responsible. We have free will, and we have mind to thinking. Dont ignore this two awesome assets, use them!

Thanks to your work and the encouragement!


Great add to the conversation and thank you for that. ;)

very insightful and encouraging, it's important to take all the factors you mention into consideration.


You need those especially when the market is not in our favor.

Great insights for sure, and yes, the journey is not easy and manipulation, influence and speculation will going to play effective role to make the situations more tough.

But, every Revolution face the downfall but whenever an good idea falls then that doesn't mean that it falls for ever but that means soon it will rise with more power.

An idea never stops because, an idea is not in Physical Form so Crypto is an idea and it will going to be continued.

And we have to showcase the patience, here we need combination of actions which is included with the thought of Evolution and Revolution. 🙂