Team of "NVO wallet with integrated decentralized exchange" makes progress.

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In this post I will write some news about the NVO project and a little presentation for the people who do not know what NVO is.

NVO ICO started in June and ended the last of the month, they had a successful ICO that raised many USD millions that were sent in the form of BTC and some altcoins aswell. The official NVO coins are the NVST(which price depends on the market), and there will be the NVSX(that have a fixed price of 0.99$) coins aswell when the exchange is live and running.

The NVO team stated both on their website and on the bitcointalk thread that people had to send BTC only via wallets and not via exchanges, but many people who rushed their investment sent from exchanges anyway. The NVO team could've just said "your mistake, your loss" since it is was clearly stated to not send from exchanges, instead, the NVO team decided to take a huge load of work and fix the transactions from exchanges in order to give NVST to all the people that contributed to the ICO campaign.
This already show that the NVO team is a serious one and they are not there to grab the money of the ones that did a mistake, rather fixing things for them.

Other than that the NVO team is developing a new website, they are working on their wallet and working to list the NVST on the exchanges, right now the only way to trade NVST is the counterwallet exchange.

As I am writing this article the price of NVST is around 0.70$, while the ICO price was around 0.51$, with some peaks of 0.80$ and even more than 1$.

NVO did not have an easy start, you can understand that launching a decentralized exchange inside of their wallet means having way more security than operating on any other exchange where you have to pay fees in order to send and withdraw your coins. So many people wanted to sabotage NVO right at the start, some people attacked the community on Slack with scamming messages in order to try and steal tokens from the NVO community wallets, someone listed the NVOT token(that was meant to be the name of the token) right before the devs could, and tried to scam people into buying NVOT that are worth nothing.
But the NVO team managed these issues and even if the load of work is a lot, even if they had to challenge many attacks, they are going forward with their project, and let me say that their first screenshots of the wallet are awesome, have a look for yourself:

Creating a wallet that let you exchange from it is a great idea, but not the only great idea behind NVO, their team wrote on the whitepaper that 50% of the fees they collect will be redistribute between the holder of NVST weekly. So as an example let's say that the fees collected during a week amount to 1 million USD, this means that 500.000 USD will go to the NVST holders through NVSX, pretty amazing right?

Here are some more screenshots of the new wallet:

If you want to follow the NVO value you can check it here:

And if you want to buy or sell NVST you can go here:

So, the NVO team is working and it seems the first results are amazing, once the issues of the people who mistakenly sent via exchanges are solved, they will be able to focus on the new website and on the develop of the wallet/exchange.

Hope that this was helpful, and I hope that you will give NVO a try when the wallet is out and running, cheers!

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Great Man!

I like NVO alot and im also invsting in it.. really glad i did and i actully got my self more NVST on counterwallet:) I hope its ok to follow so i can read more of your stuff!

take care and have a nice weekend!


Thanks for the reply and the follow man, appreciated, I hope you have a great weekend aswell :)

This information its Gold for many people who invested in this project

I have a cuestion?

I have token in Xchain.oi, can i save my tokens in this platform



Xchain is just to read the amount of tokens in your wallet, you should check where you received your tokens(the BTC address you put on the crowdsale).

Super . I have coins.

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sure thing


Spread the word and spam are the same thing when you try to advertise something, so please edit your comment.