[BREAKING] And the award for the most failed scam of 2017 goes to...Plexcoin the scam exposed by an email.

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Another ICO? Damn! 400 million coins, 4 stages of price increase, the same hype pumping for noobs.
Let's have some fun, I quote from their website:
"PlexCoin is the next decentralized worldwide cryptocurrency, based on the Ethereum structure. Its mission is to broaden the possibilities of uses and to increase the number of users by simplifying the process of managing cryptocurrency to the maximum."

As you scroll down on the website they just describe the same things that other currencies have claimed to do, faster transactions, no institutions to manage the transactions. They claim that their cryptocurrency operating structure will be safer and much easier to use....rrrrrright.

They claim that a Plexcard will be released in time, and that their card will be usable to do transactions all around the world(sure why not?).

After this, comes the funniest part: "One of the many features of PlexBank will be to secure your cryptocurrency from market variation, which is highly volatile, and invest your money in a place where you can get interesting guaranteed returns. PlexBank – The first private cryptobank."
Wait, first you write that there is no institution that regulates this thing, than you claim that there will be a bank? FFS, make peace with your brain before planning a scam.

The more you look at their website, the more it looks SUPER bad:

1 They claim to know what the value of their token will be like after 29 days of launch, this is a bit of a nonsense to me, unless they have Mr. Brown's time travel Delorian.

2 That anticipated return of investment of xxxx% is the same thing that all the scams around the internet claim, just to attract people!

3 No pictures, no faces, no names, no github, no slack, no address of the company, NOTHING! HUGE REDFLAG!

Quite dangerous for noobs, not for people that know things.

Here is the email that was sent to the people about to buy:

"AMF urges utmost caution regarding solicitations relating to PlexCoin

The Autorité des marchés financiers (the “AMF”) strongly cautions consumers against solicitations relating to PlexCoin, being marketed as a virtual currency.

On July 20, 2017, at the request of the AMF, the Financial Markets Administrative Tribunal (the “Tribunal”) issued various ex parte orders against PlexCorps, PlexCoin, DL Innov inc., Gestio inc. and Dominic Lacroix in connection with their activities relating to an investment in the purchase of PlexCoin.

The Tribunal prohibited PlexCorps, PlexCoin, DL Innov inc., Gestio inc. and Dominic Lacroix from engaging in activities for the purpose of directly or indirectly trading in any form of investment described in section 1 of the Securities Act, including the solicitation of investors in Québec and the solicitation, from Québec, of investors outside the province.

The Tribunal also ordered them to withdraw any advertisement or solicitation made on an Internet forum or elsewhere relating to securities or any forms of investment, published or distributed by them directly or indirectly on the Internet or elsewhere and to close websites plexcorps.com and plexcoin.com as well as any similar website that is published or distributed by them directly or indirectly or failing which, to make the sites inaccessible to any IP address in Québec so that Québec residents are unable to consult the sites.

Since July 20, 2017, actions taken by the AMF show that the persons involved have apparently not complied with these orders. Moreover, the presale of PlexCoin is scheduled to begin in a few hours.

Under these circumstances, the AMF wishes to notify consumers of the major risks of loss that could stem from responding to this invitation to invest."

Even the email looks fake, it is like the scammers got hacked by someone who decided to save noobs from that.

Well, at least this time the scammers were stopped just in time before the ICO started, just another example that ICOs are the most dangerous investment in the world.

Download the whitepaper if you want to have some more LOLS.

You can check their website from this link to have a good laugh: https://www.plexcoin.com/
Another scammer bites the dust.


Good post! So many of these lately. Not surprising. Heads up.

I've been getting ads ofr FaceBook for PlexCoin. I took one look at it and knew it was a scam. "If you invested $300 in BitCoin X years ago you would be a millioniar today. Don't miss out on PlexCoin." Total BS.
I ReSteemed as well.

Excellent post! I resteemed this. I have quite a large following on facebook and some lurk on here, so I will be sure to spread the word. Thank you!

Glad to have you here man!

I'm SO happy they sent that e-mail to everyone who subscribed to their mailing list. I swear. Can't wait to see those suckers go out.

Great post! Funny that it is like the scammers got hacked and safe the victims!

both sites are now down. I feel bad for those who trusted these charlatans

This ICO wasn't stopped it's still ongoing. Check out the Facebook page the amount of gullable people is amazing still waiting for Credit Card options to hand over their $$

Well, they'll have a bad surprise when those unknown people run away with the money!

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