ADZcoin – Bitcoin and Steem Alternative

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ADZcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin and Steem which is integrated into the ADZbuzz platform. All coins represent the total ad inventory of ADZbuzz and its partner sites. ADZcoin can be exchanged for Bitcoin, Dollars or other cryptocurrencies on various exchanges. 

Every ADZcoin can be exchanged for lifelong ad credits in the ADZbuzz ad server. This is done by withdrawing coins to a burn address. When this is done the coins are automatically swapped for lifelong ad credits, allowing advertisers to submit ads and receive part of the daily ad impressions on ADZbuzz and its partner sites. 

The ADZbuzz project also integrated a payment gateway into its platform called ADZbuzz Pay so in the near future it will be possible to use ADZcoin to buy and sell products and services, starting with the integration of ADZbuzz Pay into the ADZbuzz Services marketplace. 

  • There will only be 84 million ADZcoins ever created and every single ADZcoin can be exchanged for ad credits in the ADZbuzz ad server. Here’s how that works: 
  • Acquire ADZcoins by either buying them on the exchanges or let us do it through the buy ADZcoin or ad space page. 
  • Withdraw ADZcoins to the ADZbuzz ad server wallet. 

All ADZcoins sent to this wallet become unspendable and are automatically swapped for lifelong ad credits. 

The ADZbuzz ad server wallet ensures all ad credits purchased by advertisers become verifiable on the ADZcoin blockchain. This also means that the spendable supply decreases over time as more and more people swap their ADZcoins for lifelong ad credits, effectively lowering the amount of coins that can flood the market. 

If you want to get free daily ADZcoin, please register through this link:

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