Changelly Lowering Fees from 0.50% to 0.25% Only!

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How to keep the leading position on the crypto market? At Changelly we have a simple yet effective recipe for being the best instant crypto exchange service. To do that we offer new outstanding conditions for all crypto exchanges conducted through our service.

From now on the total fee for all crypto exchanges via Changelly website and Changelly mobile app is reduced to 0.25% only!

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Changelly’s trading algorithm is integrated into large and reputable trading platforms. Whenever a user exchanges one cryptocurrency to another through Changelly, the corresponding rate is picked up and suggested to the user in real-time. In the span of milliseconds, Changelly correlates the amount to exchange, places bid/ask orders on the trading platforms, and picks up the best rate possible.

How Changelly Forms Fees

Changelly charges 0.25% for each transaction made via the service. This 0.25% already includes the fees Changelly pays to the trading platforms for the exchange.

The Best Offer on the Market

When Exchanging Through a Trading Platform

Consider an example where a user wants to exchange XRP for DOGE. To do that on a trading platform a user needs to implement double exchange: one from XRP to BTC, and the other from BTC to DOGE. In this case, the user will be charged twice – one commission for each transaction. Thus, if a trading platform charges 0.2% for each transaction, the total fee for the double exchange XRP-BTC-DOGE will be 0.4%.

When Exchanging Through Changelly

In case a user exchanges XRP into DOGE through Changelly, there will be only one transaction made via the service, and the total fee will be only 0.25%, that’s it.

To make sure Changelly offers the best exchange rate on the market, you can compare our rate for the most popular crypto pair BTC-ETH shown on the widget below with any other services available on the market here

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