Will Ethereum Hit $400? Time To Buy NEO?

Ethereum is pumping and nearing an all time high as the ETH blockchain will experience "Metropolis" soon, a system wide upgrade that will include other upgrades named "Raiden", "Casper", and "Ice Age". What exactly these upgrades will do is a question better left to Google but word is that because of these upgrades Ethereum is and will continue to boom.

NEO formerly Antshares or what some called the Chinese Ehtereum suffered a sharp drop in price yesterday after the Chinese government announced it's intent to a crack down on ICOs. In wake of the announcement, Red Pulse the first ICO set to launch on NEO announced yesterday that they will NOT to allow Chinese citizens to buy into the ICO. Now with the price of NEO closer to $30 some speculators are asking whether NEO is undervalued and if its a good time to buy in.

What do you think? Will ETH hit $400 this week? Is it a good time to buy NEO? Leave a comment below.

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*This is not investment advice. Please buy, trade, or invest, at your own risk.

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Resteem'd! It will hit 400 by Friday morning I predict!

I was doing some research online and I watched a couple of yoir videos. I am following you on steemit. Since I am new to the community I'm still learning and figuring this thing out. Thank you very much for your content.


kaBOOM! welcome to the community @alx-ab!

eth will reach more than 500 in the coming months, and neo will die in the coming years.

NEO took a hit the last couple of days due to some nagative news coming it's way. Interesting to see how it will react to the in the next couple weeks.

I think it is a small bump in the road for NEO. As for Ethereum well has a lot of good news that has come out and will come out 400+

Nice Champagne!!!

I picked up more NEO

Sure it will hit 400!
No doubt!

Waiting for the $450

Resteemed !

Thank you Champagne for all your energy videos and good advices ;) !
I discovered Steemit thanks to you and you're right : "we spent too many time on Facebook and twitter" ! :D

@champagnecrypto got you a $1.29 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
@champagnecrypto got you a $1.29 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image: pixabay.com)

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