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My Suggestion is, for now hold equal value in BCC, If you Sold it get back in. The Flippining has begun. Things are getting crazy, Transactions are hung up. Things are at a stand still. Fees are through the roof. Mining on the BCC chain is more profitable. So why would miners mine on the old chain? As more miners leave, less miners to process the transactions. We will all be headed for a bit of a lose. BTX2 BitCore is faster and better then BitcoinCash but switching would take all of the money that people have invested in mining using ASIC out of the game and put control in others. A Transfer of power. Who will be running this game? Most likely the Etherium miners. They have the GPU mining power. As Etherium equipment becomes obsolete as it moves to proof of stake. The miners will switch to BitCore & Bitcoin Gold. Diversify your holdings.