What is Centaure?

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Centaure is a platform which connects the 2 parties on a live streaming session and making the process of consultation and advisory process much more flexible. The users can make an appointment with doctors, lawyers, counselors, psychiatrist, teachers, agents etc, and pre-book them with few simple clicks. The sessions are closely monitored by Centaure staff so that the security and quality is maintained between the two parties.

What types of services are included on Centaure?

Although the options are limitless, but some of the most obvious categories are:

  • Medical consultation

  • Legal consultation

  • Health and nutrition consultation

  • Psychiatric consultation

  • Teaching ( we’ve only included subjects that are easy to teach over an online session ex: programming)

  • Digital marketing consultation

How to add your service on Centaure?

Becoming a seller on Centaure

  1. Pick something you are very confident about. Add an eye-catching title to your services, with some details mentioning your expertise in that particular area.

  2. Another compulsory requirement is to add a short video or a demo where you may explain the viewers more about your service. This will also ensure that the video and sound quality of your device matches our standard.

  3. The next step is to add supporting verified documents proving that you are qualified enough to provide that service. The supporting documents could be your college degree/ certificate or a document showing your experience in that field.

  4. Now you need to list down the hours you’ll be available for the sessions. It is important to decide the timings very carefully as this may lead to negative reviews if you don’t show up for a pre-booked session.

  5. The last step is to setup reasonable pricing for your sessions. You don’t want to price is too expensive because one of the basic idea of Centaure is to make the consultation and advisory sessions affordable for everyone. You’ll define the price in terms of USD which be automatically translated into Centaure tokens. The best part of our platform is that the fluctuations in the price of Centaure tokens will not affect the price of your services because you’ll always get the number of token equaling to the amount you’ve specified in terms of dollars.

Once you’ve been through all the steps mentioned above, sit back and wait for our approval. This can take anywhere from 24–48 hours depending upon the number of pending applications. Our staff will manually check and verify all the material you’ve provided before approving your service.

Becoming a buyer on Centaure
How to book sessions on Centaure?

  1. The first step is to sign up to the platform and verify your account through email and phone number.

  2. Setup your profile you adding in your details and profile picture.

  3. Now you need to add Centaure tokens into your online wallet. Centaure deposit address will be mentioned on your wallet page.

  4. In order to find the type of service you are looking for, you may use our search bar feature or browse through the directory.

  5. All services with the matching keywords will be displayed on the page. You can choose the best service by looking at its rating, price and user reviews.

  6. You may book a session with the Consultant / Adviser by clicking on one of his available hour slot.

  7. Now you’ll be asked to add in few details about your queries. This step is optional but it will give the consultant a fair idea about what you’re looking for and he will be able to prepare himself beforehand.

  8. Once you’ve successfully completed all the steps mentioned above, you will be asked to pay for the session using the tokens in your wallet. These tokens will be locked by the Centaure team until the session is completed. If the consultant/adviser doesn’t show up for the session, the tokens will be refunded back into your online wallet. If the session goes through and you mark the session as “completed”, the tokens will be released to the seller’s wallet.

  9. Lastly, you may rate and leave a summarized review about your session. This will help the seller to improve his rating and increase his chances of getting more customers and other buyers to determine the quality.