Centaure Bounty Program is Now LIVE

in #cryptocurrency3 years ago

We've just announced the Centaure Bounty Program. This program consists of:

  1. Facebook bounties: In order to get rewarded Centaure (CEN) tokens you'll be required to Like our official Facebook and and share the pinned post which will help us to spread awareness about this project. You'll receive a total of 40 CEN tokens worth ($20)

  2. Twitter bounties: Twitter bounty program is pretty similar to Facebook. For Twitter, you'll be required to follow our twitter page and share the pinned post. You'll receive a total of 40 CEN tokens worth ($20)

  3. Reddit bounties: In order to receive bounty for reddit program, you are required to subscribe to our official subreddit and add an honest review post about Centaure project. Further details are mentioned on our bounty thread.

  4. Bitcointalk bounties: To participate in bitcointalk bounty you're required to post an honest review on the main announcement thread of Centaure.

  5. Youtube bounties: Youtube bounties are based on video reviews about Centaure project. Please read the full details about Youtube bounty on our bounty thread.

  6. Blog post bounties: Blog post bounties are based on honest reviews about Centaure project on Medium and Steemit. You must note that you are open for both positive and negative feedbacks about this project so that we could work on improvements.

  7. Translation bounties: Translation bounty is based on translating our main announcement thread and one pager in different languages. Some of these bounties are already reserved by the users on bitcointalk.

If you're willing to participate in Centaure bounty program, please refer to this link - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3217171