Update on our version of Masternodes called Bullion Participation Nodes (BPNs) - VonSpass 12th of September

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Bullion 2018 Roadmap Update!

Fellow Bullionaires, this has been an extremely long and challenging road, but we are indeed getting very close to our goal of becoming a fully operational masternode cryptocurrency. Need we say again that BPN will be implemented in a way that remains unseen in any crypto; CBX will become a masternode coin, but with very different objectives in mind and an innovative solution to make it work, when compared to current mastenode coins. As a reminder, participants will need 2000 CBX to form a BPN (masternode), and there cannot be more than 125 masternodes at any one time - thus ensuring strong passive income for those who commit to invest. CBX maintains its target low 2% inflation.

As elambert has mentioned very recently, we are currently internally running a low-level test of Vault 4.0, our implementation of BPN. This test will go on for about 2-3 weeks, and necessary fixes will be applied as we go - but at this point we do not anticipate the same level of hurdles we have dealt with before.

What we have left to do is the GUI (user interface) surrounding this new software, as right now the BPN part of Vault 4.0 only runs on console commands. But Bullionaires do not worry, final product will be easy to use and user-friendly!

Once we have a tested stable software to run the BPN network, we will allow 2 weeks of notice to all so everybody (including exchanges) have time to update to new software. Naturally, installing this new Vault 4.0 software will be a mandatory update as it will only be this Vault that will have the capability of connecting to and parsing the new CBX blockchain.

So we are looking at 4-5 weeks wait until hardfork. More updates to follow soon!

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