NovaExchange is getting closer to their Re-Opening where Bullion (CBX) is listed!

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2018-09-05 13:38 - Fewer base markets - Some adjustments ahead of Nova re-opening
Hello all friends of Nova.

We're getting close now. Soon we will be confident enough to set a fool proof date for the re-opening of Nova Exchange. Again, thank you for your patience!

To prepare for that we are making some adjustments concerning base markets. There will be fewer of them.
Your initial reaction might be that this is a bad thing, but we can assure you it is not. Here is our reasoning:

In our dreams any asset would be a base market. That way you could go: "Hey world, I've got 15 of "Coin A" over here, who wants to give me 45.000 of "Coin B" in exchange for them?"

It would be great...

...however, it would be difficult to get proper volume in the markets. After all, you can't go to the New York Stock Exchange and trade Apple shares for IBM shares. All business is made in dollars. The US Dollar is the base market.

And you can't go on the commodities market and trade 40 kilos of coffee for 1500 pounds of sugar. Same thing. You get it!

So, to ensure there is enough volume in the markets, to create plenty of business for all of you, we are going to go with three base markets when we re-open Nova Exchange. The three are:

Bitcoin (BTC) Dogecoin (DOGE) Mooncoin (MOON)

These three have been picked in order to work well with the hundereds of assets listed on Nova Exchange. We will give a weeks notice before executing this, stay tuned.

IMPORTANT: In no way does this affect the funds you keep with Nova Exchange.
This is not as major a change as it might seem. If you have ANY questions concerning this, do of course get in touch with our stellar support team.