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Merging both Bullion and Mono, Aptum combines the expertise of a six-year-old cryptocurrency with the innovations of a new protocol. Coming from two cryptocurrencies, both communities will have the opportunity to swap in their coins for the new merged coin (conversion rate to be determined prior to Bullion hard fork – beginning of August). To help you evaluate whether or not you want to exchange your Bullion or Mono for Aptum, we will give a brief overview of the project in the following:


June 2019 | Announcement on BitcoinTalk, featuring innovations, roadmap and plans
July 2019 | Release of technical whitepaper
August 2019 | Beginning of CBX/MONO to AP-Token conversion; Website Launch
September 2019 | Public Testnet of AP-Currency; AP ICO beginning
October 2019 | End of CBX/MONO to AP-Token conversion; Public Release of AP-Currency; Beginning of AP-Token to AP-Currency conversion
November 2019 | Advertising and Marketing
December 2019 | Exchange Listings; AP ICO ending

Q1 2020 | Shop; Python Module for AP
Q2 2020 | Web Wallet; Adult Anime Site
Q3 2020 | Mobile Wallet
Q4 2020 | DMail
Q1 2021 | Exchange (Alpha)
Q2 2021 | Exchange Release; Social Network (Alpha)
Q3 2021 | Social Network; Search Engine (Alpha)
Q4 2021 | Search Engine Release

If you are interested in participating in this new project, the following will explain the details of the swap for you.

  1. In August, we will make a fork of Bullion [CBX] to BullionX [BXX]. At point of fork you will get an equivalent amount of BXX to match what you hold in CBX at that time. ONLY BXX CAN BE USED FOR CONVERSION TO ERC-20 TOKEN.
  2. After sending your BXX to a specified address, you can withdraw your AP token to any Ethereum address.
  3. We will burn your BXX for you, so you don’t have to worry about them anymore.
  4. You can now move on and trade your AP tokens freely on the Ethereum network.

You can claim your AP token till October 1st, 00:00 AM (UTC).

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