Mining Burstcoin - HDD is all you need - Tutorial for newbies

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Most important thing: mining Burst coin doesn't stress your PC - it doesn't use your GPU and it takes about 0.5% of your CPU occasionaly. You can use your PC as always while the coins are being mined. This tutorial will show you how to mine Burst coin even if you're a complete newbie :)

Also, I found the existing tutorials missing a few important steps so everything that is needed is pointed out in this one.

At first you may find the whole process a bit complicated but it's really not, plus completing each objective is satisfying ;)

Key points

  • mining Burstcoin doesn't require CPU or GPU power
  • mining Burstcoin require HDD space - the more, the better
  • before you start to mine, you need to allocate HDD space for mining, which can take several hours but is done only once
  • if you want to stop the mining, you can delete the allocated HDD files without any problems

How mining Burst works

I found a good analogy of mining Burst on the Burst coin forums: each of your allocated GB HDD space is a lottery ticket. With each new block (about 4 minutes) there is a lottery. If you have the right ticket - you win. You don't have to have every number right - even a partially win gives you something.


  1. Download the Burst coin wallet here:
  2. Make sure you have the Java component installed:
  3. Install the Burst wallet (anywhere you want) and run it. We'll assume you're a new user so please click "DON'T HAVE AN ACCOUNT?..."
  4. You will receive a sequence of words - this is both your login and password. You will need those words is this specific order in order to log in to your wallet. Write it down!
  5. Login using your newly generated passphrase. You will see your wallet.
  6. Now, something that is quite often missing in other tutorials - you need to do some transactions on your wallet in order to be registered as a Burst coin user. Without is you won't be able to mine.
  7. OK, let's get some coins. Click on the faucets button on the top navbar and pick whichever you want:
  8. Resize your wallet window to the left - it will show you your wallet addess. Copy it to the facuet and click Claim Burst in order to receive your first Burst coint!
  9. After few minutes the coins should be on your wallet. Now - you need to make an outgoing transaction which means that you need to send at least one coin out:) Please feel free to use my address or any other you want: BURST-AAUT-RABN-J25T-7V34S
  10. Now we're gonna register in a mine. Click "Start mining" on the bottom of the wallet:
  11. On the pop-up that will appear choose your mine and click Change button on the left side of the pop-up:
  12. An information will appear saying that the pool address was copied to your clipboard. That's good because we will need it:)
  13. On the windows that will appear you need to paste 2 addreses - the mine address (that is in your clipboard) and your burst wallet passphrase (the sequence of words). The mine address is already in your clipboard so just click on the 2nd entry box and press "ctrl + v", next copy your passphrase and paste it into the 1st entry box. It should look something like this:
  14. Click "Submit". A new window should appear with one line of loooong text with some code in it. If it only shows something like "error: unknown account" it means that your wallet address is not yet recognized and you either didn't make any transactions yet or you have to wait a little longer.
  15. OK, we are now registered in a mine but you need about 20 minutes (4 blocks) in order to the registration to be complete. That's OK because now we're gonna get our lottery tickets - they are called plots and the process of generating them is called plotting. Close all windows, return to your Burst wallet and click "Write plots" on the bottom of the wallet.
  16. Choose the HDD you want to save your plots and click "Plot this drive".
  17. Choose how much GB you want to use and how many CPU cores. The more the GB the better but as for the CPU - you can safely pick 50% of all your cores so you don't max out your CPU while plotting.
  18. A new windows will appear with the progress of the plotting. It may take a while...
  19. After it's done, the window will inform you that the plotting has ended.
  20. Now - to the mine! Click "Start Mining" in your Burst Coin wallet. We have already set our mine so you don't have to choose it again from the dropdown list. Just click on the Start Mining (CPI/ AVX) button. You can try to use your GPU (OpenCL) but I haven't tested yet is it any faster because my GPU mine other coins:)
  21. And this is how the miner looks. If it's green - it's good!

    Every few minutes new block will appear and if you have the requested data on your HDD - you will receive reward. If you don't see anything green - don't worry, just wait for the next block. The payments from the mine are done every 24 hours.


Now about this one I can not tell much yet because I've got 930 GB allocated and I'm mining for 3 days now. The first day I've got 16 coins ($0.01), the next day 24 coins (almost $0.02) and the next day 76 coins ($0.06). I don't know if the reward variance is that high or the longer you mine, the better the daily reward is. Also keep in mind that you can accumulate the coins and wait for higher prices.

img source

After all, the miner can sit in the background, doing it's job and you want even notice it. If you have some large unused HDD space, mining Burst coin may be quite profitable and fun. Plus the Burst wallet has some cool features that I'll be writing soon so please feel free to follow me ;) If you have any questions - go ahead and ask in the comments. Cheers!


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Cool, thank you:)

Great read thanks for the info dibs

Dose it matter which mine pool you choose? Is one better then another?

Not as far as I know but you may prefer pools with greater amount of miners - probably higher chance to find a block if I understand it correctly.

Thanks for the quick reply. How do you know how many miners are in a pool?

For example here:
you can see the miners count in the top left corner. Most of the pools should have info displayed like this:)

Now that a choose a pool, do I have to wait for something to appear in the 'Found Plots' box?

Did you click the "Change" button on the left?

Yes. and I got the long line of code ({"fullHash":"327fe91a0a65cdc75163377e2fcc5476b087bb462388215c54a46be59e8de8bf","requestProcessingTime":13,"signatureHash":"db65c68370d990032178b41b46c2181d527a83a1e0b49a9a6959d38f171a9277 ...... ), but nothing in the 'Found Plots'.

That's OK, you need to create the plots so follow next steps of the tutorial:) You're already registered at the pool so that's good:)

Thank you for the nice tutorial bro :)

You welcome ;) I'm wondering if the easy mining of Burst will allow it to become an important crypto for the next years.

Yeah, im too. I think if more people would know how easy it is to mine, some of them would mine it.

Even 50 CPUs aren't worth mining for.

Your power usage will cost way more than the coins you earn, also being next to nothing.

Let's say you have the one of the fastest CPUs for mining, being the A10-5800K. Each one of these mines at approximately 100 MH/s. With fifty, you get 5000 MH/s or 5 GH/s.

Let's put that in a calculator assuming your electricity bill is $0.10/kwh.

Yep, in a year you earn $2, and this excludes the power bill + pool fees + difficulty increases.

I would recommend for you to either not mine at all, or use GPUs/ASICs instead.

You could also not mine Bitcoin and mine something else, but the chances of profiting are almost completely nonexistent.

Pretty sure the CPU is only used to plot HDD

Bro, did you even read the post? This is about Burst, not mining Bitcoin.

I've tried mining with 1TB, but could not get anything from it. Changed many pools, but the same.. let me know if there is some profitable pool. Cheers. :)

yeah man.
i followd you bro im dropping a blog on burst soon follow me back :)

Hi there. I can't seem to get any BURST from any faucets. It states it's for new users only. Could somebody please send me one burst so I can start the mining process? This is my account ID: BURST-V6H4-6NXF-XLGQ-4GLEV

Thanks in advance!

Wow this is a game changer!
I am about to add a 4tb hard drive to my mining computer so that I can now both mine Etherum and burst coin at the same time.
I may come back and post my earning per week on both coins.
Thumbs up if you guys are interested in the results.

Thanks for the tutorial, I'll definitely be giving this a go 😎

very nice writeup.. followed, upvoted

Thank you for the tutorial :) very well explained , do you think the hdd s will die sooner because of mining ? I am thinking about investing to some 5 or 8 TB external hdd s to make a mining rig, i mine with gpu s already running 24/7 :) burst mining would affect my gpu hashrate ?

Thanks. I think I have probably overlooked this great coin. I have bought the coins before just after ICo and bought at more than 800 Satoshi and saw it deeped right after that. I have now sold all my B urst coins and initially think that I would not look at it anymore. Now I might have to re-look into it as the concept of HDD mining is pretty interesting.

Thanks, the info is easy to read and to follow, good day!

I guess you could do it with a miner and a plotter and not use local wallet at all.
wonder if those miners and plotters are better or just about the same result

Nice link to a not official wallet full of malware and adware. Was that supposed or are you just stupid?

Thanks for the tutorial, really helpful.
I tried to follow it, unfortunately Faucets are all empty.
Could anyone help me sending some Burst to my address to get started BURST-28T2-CKCP-EZ7H-DYTDA ?
Thanks a lot


Yes, I'm minding now. Thanks cardboard.

If I set up a virtual HD, can I plot to it so that Burst doesn't access my other files? Right now I have a NAS with about 6 TB, but 1.3 of it is used and I don't want these files to be accessed by others. p.s. I am on Windows 7. Thanks, Jim

Hey, thank you for the tutorial. I have set it up and got 2 coins from a faucet. I got one deducted for something, and then used the other one to redirect pool pyments to my account, but I got an error in the process... The money, however, got dedacted... Is there any way I can check whether the pool I chose actually sends the coins to me or not or do I just have to mine and see?


Cloud mining all the way for me. These are the sites I use!
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Eobot - - Daily free faucet!! Number One & Most Trusted
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Happy Mining.

i think about it...good info...follow you

Sweet, I'm thinking about mining Burst in the future. I will use this as a reference. Woohoo.

If you'll encounter any problems, feel free to ask here:)

very good and informative tutorial, thanks!
Its great to see different approaches to mining and being able to use the machine HDD to mine Burst while mining something else on the CPU and GPU is an added value

Nice, clean, and precise tutorial thank you man.

Can you please send me a little BURST for me to start mining?
It claims few BURST to start mining but I can't get any BURST.

My address is

Thank you

thank you for this post, It's very informative, and simple

All the faucets are empty and just need propably onle one burst coin to get my miner headed to some pool. whoever sends me some burst coins i will give him steem dollars for it: my burst wallet

Try this one: and join burstnation :)

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