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Hi folks,

Today I'll review the - a new cloud-mining website that claims to bring really high profits but in the same time it's reputation is very questionable.

Disclamer: everything that you read here is my opinion only. I do not believe that I'm always right so always filter everything that you read trough your own judgement.

It's (probably) a trap!

We'll start with the most important thing - it's probably a scam or a ponzi-type website. This means that the website will exist as long as new users come in and make their deposits in sufficient amount. Sufficient to cover the existing withdrawals because probably this website doesn't "mine" anything. It just uses new users deposits to fund other users withdrawals in order to pretend that it is working. But there will be a moment, soon or later, when the amount of deposits won't be high enough to cover the withdraws. This is when the website will suddenly close and users will be left with nothing.

Now, why do I think so:

  • there is absolutly no information who is the owner of the website - no company name, no individual name, even no e-mail contact!!! This is like 100% proof of scam, seriously.
  • the GHs price is super low compared to other cloud-mining websites - $0.01
  • the FAQ states that "Withdrawal is realized manually, in the next 48 hours" . Yeah, my website has 227 000 users but I do the withdrawals manually

Let's check the domain:
Name: Registration Private
Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC

Proxy, proxy... It's really fishy. But OK, this was about reviewing the website, not only proving that this is a scam. Let's assume that tomorrow all the missing informations will appear on the website - we'll know who's the owner, who's resposinble for the withdrawals etc. Or maybe you like high profit / high risk investments - let's see what the website has to offer. experience

First thing you notice is that the interface is very fancy and responsive - that's good. The navigation is easy, you don't have to look for anything longer that few seconds.

Upon registration you receive 100 GHs for free - without need to do any deposits. That's good.

The website incorporates a levelling system - the more you deposit (remember, only small portion of your assets which you can afford to loose!) the more free GHs you receive. But it also works the other way around - if you deposit less than $5, you won't be able to use all GHs that you have bought (sneaky!).

The price per GHs is $0.01 - that's really low. In fact, that means that you can get return of your investment in 2 months - that's crazy short time period for any investment.

The cool part of the is the mining panel - it allows you to set which coins you want to mine with desired amount of GHs (if there's any mining at all) with just few clicks:

And immediately check how much profits it will bring:

You buy your GHs by depositing few of the major crypto currencies (which you can also mine) or just US dollars:

There is also a support panel where you can only send a ticket - no e-mail address, no phone number, nothing.

Conclusion is one of the most fishy crypto-based websites that are currently online, despite the fact that there are confirmed withdrawals from it. It promises great profits but the high risk is more than obvious. I can not stress this enough - if you're planning to invest your crypto coins into this website - do it only with small fraction of your assets, small enough that you can afford to loose it. As always - decision is yours. Over and out!

Please note: the links to the website in this article include my referral - if you still want to try to invest in this website, please consider it again and if so - only a small portion of your assets. If you find this article helpful, please consider using my referral which is:

Ps. I'm planning to write about other crypto-based investments in the near future so please feel free to follow me if you're interested.


Thank you for sharing. Which legits website do you recommend for cloud mining?

Probably the most legit is:
Check @craig-grant posts - he has some knowledge about this site:)

Thank you. I have seen this site online but never really did any investment to it. Hopefully it a legits company for me to invest in to.

if you want to know my opinion! best is
just get the cloud contrat and coins in the faucet
or use the pool and even get steem tested and withdraws working cool!!

and if you whant to know my opinion on met...
get the free credit but don't invest! and expect publicity in your email :P

Thanks for your information, I really have doubts about those metizer company, everyone said it's a scam for a long period of time already, and still, they're up and running. Now, genesis mining upgrading their hashpower so currently it's unavailable to purchase hashpower on their site... And hashflare got a stupid decision to lower contracts for 1 year and double price so it's unprofitable anymore.. I really to know if it's worth taking the risk with metizer or just wait for genesis mining coming back..

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