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Regalcoin is an investment program that pays daily interest. You can invest using Bitcoin.

Everyone who signs up to Regalcoin through me will benefit. All referrals will be added to my network tree/team generating additional profit to go along with your own investment. Or you could earn without investing your own money.

On my youtube channel I will be uploading videos of my own investments/progress and will be focused on helping out my referrals so that you can make additional profit on top of your own investments.

Once you signup I will email you and help you get started. Not that you will need too much help, it is all really simple.

The link to join is posted on my twitter account CLICK HERE

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I expect regalcoin to reach 60 dollars by the end of the month or sooner.


Why do you say that? What's the news on this coin?


Its similar to Bitconnect which is 135 dollars right now. It will only go up. I have like 79k in Sales so far with Regal Coin.

What's the word on this coin? I looked at their site, but it's pretty generic as far as their process & focus IMO.

Is their backend fairly robust? did you find this coin? It seems heavily Russian focused...


I found the website when looking into Bitconnect. Seen a youtube video for Regalcoin.

The website is very functional and I have already withdrawn from it to test that out.


Yes everything is Robust. I was able to withdraw rec to coinexchange and sell the coins also.