This Is Why You Should NEVER Get Discouraged (TRUE ADVICE)


When you know where your doesn't matter where you are RIGHT NOW..cuz right now is just part of the process..things will be amazing..

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Hi there upvoted and i think this is so true. Let just take alt coin for example. Those people who started investing alt coin much earlier than me has seen up and down and mostly down during the earlier years and then feel discouraged and only for some of them who keep their head up and now it is a big payoff time. So if one find something you want to do, dont be discourage in down time.

Short but sweet. Great advice. ❤️🙌🏼

Great philosophy wrapped in one sentence, beautiful.

Very apt for the newbies (minnows?!) on Steemit!

Right on and to the point, tomorrow is always in front of us, today will always be a yesterday


Last year I quit my job because I didn't know where I was going. All I saw was a dead end job and fell into a deep depression. But I began listening to this amazing motivational speaker and it made me realize this very thing you're saying here. I needed to keep my eyes on my goals/dreams, not my current position. I started a new job shortly after, and while it may not be my dream, I've got my eyes on the prize now and I'm much closer to where I wanna be because of it. Here's a link to that motivational speaker if anyone would like to listen:


hes got a great energy in his voice

wow man, i literally was feeling discouraged at the moment i saw this on my feed..thanks for these words i needed them


i got you!

Cool article, thank you for posting. Followed and upvoted! :)

Thanks for sharing this post, good info

Thank you! I really needed this specially being new to steemit and learning how it works


hard work becomes easy overtime

So true...thanks fo reminding me :-)

I wonder where steemit is gonna go in the future?


were definately on a platform that is 5 years ahead