Substratum's "Private" Public Beta

in cryptocurrency •  last year


This whole beta rollout process has been a complete shitshow. Nearly everyone in the community thought it would be an actual publicly downloadable beta. In reality, the public beta is pretty almost the same as the private alpha. Neither are actually public, and people are being selectively chosen to test the software.

Substratum then explained that the public beta needs to be rolled out in batches to allow for efficient bug fixing and network scaling. Okay... so why didn't they just say that in the first place? Justin Tabb, the CEO is constantly on Telegram hyping the product. There's simply no way he didn't see all the excitement about the public beta. He should have addressed the issue and tempered expectations right there.

The most concerning point is that we don't even know if there's an actual beta being tested. When asked about the progress of the beta, the Substratum Telegram admins have now resorted to the standard "Beta is under NDA" and "Beta is not open. It's rolling out in batches". The truth is there is zero proof that a beta even exists.

The community has expressed their concern for this, and the Substratum team has done nothing. Come on guys, this is amateur hour. Just tweet out a photo of a computer running the beta. Is the team afraid that SHIFT is going to copy their INCREDIBLE UX design? Ha...

Lastly, the whole NDA excuse is complete BS. Since when has a NDA stopped someone from posting about the product anonymously? Only when the product doesn't exist...

For the record, I'm still somewhat bullish on $SUB, and still own a significant amount of tokens. This may honestly be an issue of poor expectation management from an unexperienced and overworked team. I just really want to see some proof that a beta exists. Honestly a simple screenshot would do.

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