Substratum on Mobile Phones?

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Earlier today, I was reading an AMA with the Substratum team while constantly refreshing my Blockfolio. There were some pretty crazy pumps today, and Blockfolio was constantly timing out. They need to get better servers...OR...they should host the app on a decentralized web hosting service like Substratum once it scales up.

Then this section of the AMA caught my eye...

Will you have a cell phone app or do you have a cell phone app already that people can download?
We do have some plans for mobile in the future but right now serving web requests with mobile would be too intensive, however, mobile could still take advantage of our SubstratumCORES system so we are exploring those options.

Okay, so in the future Substratum nodes could potentially expand to the mobile device market. This brings decentralization to a whole new level. It's estimated there will be 2.5 billion smartphones in use by 2019.

The issue with Blockfolio is its price. It's free. It would be a much better service if users had to $.99/month to use the app. At least they could get some better servers.

I thought it would be super cool if Substratum builds a crypto wallet/portfolio app that doubles as a node. The backend would be hosted on the Substratum network, and there could also be a built-in DEX that allows purchasing and selling of cryptos through Cryptopay. This would be a self-scaling portfolio and exchange app because each new user would also act as a new node!

It would also be pretty easy to market. A portfolio app that doesn't die under heavy load?

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I like the idea, that would be huge! Thanks for sharing your ideas, your posts are great! Not sure if Im wrong, but this could already work, once they go live with their current solution and by developing progressive web-apps (i guess it could work 😜)


Yes, I also think this could work. It would be a great way to get more nodes online...because everyone who's in crypto downloads a crypto portfolio tracker.

This will be huge! I look every day into my email in the hope to be accepted for the Beta - I have the feeling though, that it will still take some weeks until the invitation will arrive. In the meantime it is teaching me patience.... ;)


The first thing I do when I wake up everyday is check my email inbox for a beta invite.