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Proof of care is a new marketing idea. Care about Quantstamp and then get on the whitelist early. I care about beer but I'll sacrifice one post for the team.

ICO Name:





The Quantstamp protocol is a scalable system to audit all projects on Ethereum. (source: webpage)

Level of engagement and interest:

They rely on community spreading the word about quantstamp so I guess something like this Steemit post.

I'd say High! 5200 telegram members, 1150 twitter followers


Software testing experts who collectively have over 500 Google Scholar citations (Whitepaper source) - all have pictures included with bio, no cartoon characters, lots of PhD candidates or dropouts. Also, they seem to be hiring a senior engineer so be quick!

Presale and crowdsale:

Hardcap: $30M, including both presale and crowdsale (The cap has not changed)

Token sale:

Relevance and mission:

They want to turn ETH smart contract audit into a distributed system relying on consensus. Right now you need human experts for that, whitepaper states.

Scanning through the whitepaper, the word bounty appears a lot. So you get something in return when you find a bug but others have the same opportunity. You resolve it by not exploiting the bug but reporting it immediately to claim the bounty.

So, in essence, an automated bug search with addition of individuals incentivised by bounties. Finding bugs is boring for people who spend countless hours on it already, plus it's expensive. It's easier to pay a token amount to fresh pair of eyes.

It's all done over Ethereum contracts so I don't know if this wil work when EOS takes over.

Financial planning (Whitepaper)

Quantstamp CEO Richard Ma interviewed on www.crypt0snews.com (YOUTUBE)

If they do everything as promised we will feel much safer using the Ethereum network.

Other sources:

Positive vibes in the article with keywords such as cost-effective, scalability, low competition regarding their mission.

Positive vibes there, lots of translators appearing. No real critical opinion.

  • Steemit articles, 5 days old at most, very low payout posts with the exception of one 12$, meaning low visibility:










These seem not to be copy/paste so I upvoted all of them.

What do you think. Should we put some dollars into it?

This ICO was brought to my attention by @carebbear, give him a follow. He will have cool things to share in the future!

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I'm in, say no more. I like the team.

Please remember that if you are actually planning on investing in this ICO you must CARE about it ;D.

Interesting must check this out on my pc later

Thanks for sharing.

I'm going through it. But how can i know if its legit or scam??

Join the Telegram, see what people say. In my opinion it's not a scam, the real question is will it be profitable?

OK I'll take the suggestion thank you.

Got on the whitelist. Thanks for sharing.

You advertised them too?

Until know not.Just signed up for the whitelist. Thought that will be the requirement for joining the ico.
But indeed- I have resteemed. hahaha.

I really like both of you you both are awesome personalities of steemit :) one beery and other Color challenge master :D

Haha. Thank you @hassanabid :-)

Sacrificing a beer post for this one...hmmm this must be something interesting this Quantstamp! I'll have to look into all the links you shared!

Another ICO... how can I spot the best. Since in a few months thousand of them came coming and news about ICO spread like a wild fire. Some are really promissing, other are just so so, and most of it are link to scam.

I'm investing in this project initially with my time (which is costly) but I love this project so much. Their community participation concept alone is reason to be interested. Get involved!

hey where is my beer today ? :D

Interesting post.....

Very interesting!!!

Thank you very much for sharing inspiring content.

Oh, don't wake the little kid, let him sleep :D

He is preparing for the next Steem Fest

This is nice post dear

Very interesting post about quantstamp. You have entered details of full information very cleverly with login information. Havde you think this is best marketing concept? I thought. But before we must need to check on how availability on this site?
However absolutely great marketing concept. Anything do finished before need to start.
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