ICO Review - Beerchain - Creating the beer-based cryptocurrency

in cryptocurrency •  11 months ago

If only you could mine crypto by having a beer... BEERCOIN is here, now you can! Crypto is the future of any value exchange, so why not beer too? It’s only the most important secondary thing in the world!

It all starts with a bottle cap. Imagine this: it’s a bright sunny day and you are in front of your favorite supermarket just waiting to open that first morning pilsener. This time, after you open your beer, you’ll smartphone the cap. QR code underneath will hold your crypto! If it is your lucky diamond beer, you just might win 10,000 beercoin and join the elite 0.01% club.

But smart people warn against greed and you will always find at least 1 beercoin in your bottle code. It’s just a cherry on top of your experience. On average scan you should generate 2.98 Beercoins (whitepaper info).

In theory beercoin will allow for the whole process of buying/selling beer to the customer smoother. You will be able to buy beer directly with beercoin (hopefully on a discount), and not only beer. Different merchandise options are just lining up. And you will be able to donate beercoint to the charity of your choice.

Will the value of beercoin be pegged to the dollar? No! It will be pegged to one standard beer which should in theory always be worth 100 beercoin. Sound good yet? I should think so!

What's the first thing you wonder when visiting foreign country? The exchange rate? No! You ask your friend how much for a beer, right? I'm hoping beercoin will bring us one step closer and equal.

What a ridiculous notion you might think? No one has thought of this before, and how can a bottle cap be a legal tender? This idea is not unheard of. For example in 1990s a RPG game called Fallout has already prophesied the future. In-game, in the post apocalyptic world ravaged by nuclear fire the exchange medium is - yes, you have the right idea - a bottle cap. What a twist of fate, it has happened already.


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Now the real deal. How will beercoin (BCBC) staff and servers fund itself to stay profitable?


Data mining and advertisement

  • small fee for merchandise and beer purchases via the Beerchain app
  • some advertisement and collecting beer related user data (anonymous and impersonal)

I love their quote in the whitepaper regarding distribution

The Beercoin will be mostly generated through beer, i.e. you will mine it that way

• Minable coins (80% of total supply) = 61,984,000,000,000 coins
• Airdrop and ICO (5% of total supply) = 3,874,000,000 coins
• Employees (5% of total supply) = 3,874,000,000 coins
• Company (5% of total supply) = 3,874,000,000 coins
• Founders (5% of total supply) = 3,874,000,000 coins

Beerchain app is the key here

  • a QR code scanner
  • integrated Ethereum Wallet to hold Beercoins
  • Charity function > BCBC transfered to fiat and sent
  • breweries’ merchandise store

Roadmap and ICO sale details

The team

Team Tobias Meyer Founder / Executive Bavarian, beer enthusiast.
Wanted a cryptocurrency based on beer. Studies law and is responsible for writing content.

Moritz Markgraf Co-Founder/ Designer, prefers a classic Pils
Studied architecture and is our driving visual power.

Christoph Niese Co-Founder/ Developer, Prefers sake but could still be persuaded to work on the Beerchain project.
Has more than eight years experience in web and app development. Felix Görlach Responsible for social media

One likes sake and the other is a pils fan. I don’t know. I feel we need to get some answers on that front. Maybe in a youtube video or some such. Joking aside, small team means a concentrated effort. I sure would like their input here in the comments.

There is a technical yellow paper available which I will not comment at this time.

Join their telegram at: https://t.me/beerchaintechnology

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the project in any way other than I hope to get some tokens for the promotion. I'm also interested in investing.

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It sounds perfect for me - finally job which allows consuming of beer during working hours. And imagine all those happy families:

  • You are drinking again from early morning!
  • Nope honey, I am working... I am mining...
  • Oh, sorry, here, let me get you another

This is one of those - 'Shut up and take my money' thing ;)

Now I am going to mine one stout for good night :)

Lol. Great analysis I must say.

From the name given to the coin, I'm sure it would grab the attention of a lot of people and a bit certain that the reception would be maximal. But let's watch and see..

Beer drinkers finally would have a reward... Lol

I must purchase this on principle.


On principle. I like that!

Damn it mate, I thought this was your project! It actually sounds really cool and I will be checking it out in more detail before highly considering an investment.

The part where they saythe first question you ask when you go overseas is how much is a beer really rang true with me. There’s a real world use here! 🍻

great concept, looking forward to this reality. :)

Woah, I seriously can't believe how much inovations we are seeing when it comes to cryptos... I love how new cryptos are being created and they have some sort of usability, not just for holding and selling. As more and more coins with usability in real life come into play, we will be seeing so much money flowing into cryptos!


Haha that's right! The future is gonna be cool :)

Woah, this is interesting. Would love to see my beer drinking be rewarded! ;)

Do you think it will work?


Could be, will be keeping a close watch!

thanks for sharing this crytocurrency news I appreciate..


I do try to keep everyone updated and on their toes!


Awesome. Beer on!



Haha, beer is my middle name!

Beercoin is really good. Waiting Impatiently. thank you for sharing

I've Follow, Upvote. Interesting post. I like, multiply the article and expand it again. Spirit and keep working. Follow me @madimancity

A beer coin is something i would love to be part of even if I am still stuck not being able to drink Beer lOL


Such is life I dont think I will ever get off blood thinners so just have to accept my beer drinking day is Over

BUt its all good at least my legs are so much better now :)


I haven't had a chance to try it, but this looks promising. I've been waiting for something of this nature for a while.

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