Market Wrap: Bitcoin SURGES higher on Segwit2x signals and Ether lagging while Steem stands staunch

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Ola Steemit! Back with another market wrap. @Gohba.handcrafts seems to have been spreading his manflu around discord and I feel like crap, so just charts today. Having said that, our first chart is looking rather awesome ... very little chance of a chain split on August 1 XD

Here's the latest in ...

Crypto Markets

Bitcoin surged higher yesterday, making short work of 2400/50 resistance and continuing on to test the all time highs. Pair is currently consolidating, down a little on the day, but expect more strength over the coming sessions. Resistance is the 2800 - 3k zone, with a break higher targeting 4k and beyond:

Ether is lagging behind in the aftermath of the Parity hack, but I expect renewed strength going forward, as crypto-market confidence recovers across the board. Hodling long with a close above 240 confirming my bullish bias and a breach of the lows invalidating:

Steem is holding it's value against Bitcoin and that's all we need for the moment, if it can hold firm while Bitcoin is rising and rally when Bitcoin is consolidating, then we'll all be very happy Steemians:

Currently fetching $1.79 AUD, up from $1.54 yesterday. Also up against the buck, fetching $1.37 from $1.19 yesterday. SBD are once again trading at a slight premium, so congrats to everyone who picked them up at a discount. Currently $1.03 down from a 24 hour high of $1.17.

That's me for the day folks, I feel like a turd on a stick and I blame Gohba and his manflu-spreading discord shenanigans.

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I just want to point out the surge had nothing to do with the lockin. I was watching BTC soar even before BIP91 locked it.


Of course it was surging before hand, markets are forward looking :)

very informative thanks for sharing these charts, and for keeping us up to date


Not a problem, glad you found useful!

I think there is some altcoins that need to catch up the btc grow


mos def

Thanks for sharing the charts. Lets see what happens in next few days.

feels good to not be on the way down anymore, it does feel a bit like the marker has stabilized, or at least stopped free-falling.

Thanks for the update mate!

oh well
At least I managed to nab a bit of a bitcoin while it was cheap :-)

Upvoted and RESTEEMED!


Thanks QTC - much appreciated!


This is great information and easy to follow!
Any thoughts on EOS?
Greatly appreciated.


Actually really like EOS - if my Ether USDlongs don't go anywhere I might try long EOSETH. I think EOSUSD and EOSBTC both look good though too.

Bitcoin is the holy grail of coins


It's very expensive to trade these days, I think Bitfinex needs to make a little more margin available!

Hi @bulleth, great content and upvoted like always. I've a question to an experienced cryptotrader like you. I made a top 5 of my favourite cryptoinvestment for the coming period. Would you agree with some of them? Here is my crypto top 5 if you are interested.


Very interesting post, surprised that didn't get much love. God Steemit can be tough some times. I agree there's a lot of potential on all the coins you listed - what do you think about EOS and Antshares?

View from BTC train right now


Hahaha nice

Over 95% signaling for BIP91 now so that's one hurdle it looks like we're over. Next hurdle in 10 days...

False break of the trend line. Convince enough people to sell, then it will go back up! Easy predictable move :D

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