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Okay Steemians, I present to you the NAGA wallet. It's a new wallet released in the last few months into the ever expanding cryptoverse.

It's an all in one wallet/ internal exchange supporting all major coins, every erc20,and even has a spot light section for upcoming ICOs. this is in fact a decently impressive wallet. I really like the interface, it's very user friendly for us newbs.

The dashboard is pretty simple

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Though not everything is totally up and running yet...

Screenshot (3).png

Not even sure what that is yet, but let's just jump over to the actuall wallet part of this site...

Screenshot (7).png

As you can see it's broken down to as basic as possible via deposit, send, and convert. Right below you'll notice the ICO hub. This feature seems to be quite innovative and I think it could prove to be quite useful in the future.

Screenshot (8).png

They've even teamed up with Changelly.

Screenshot (11).png

Changelly is a fairly established exchange you can check out here

I had originally discovered them earlier today while browsing for new altcoin wallets. I'm new to trading and am still trying to find wallets to deal with all the different coins I want to dabble with. They were mentioned in the bitcoinist article " Top 4 Cryptocurrency wallets" and got generally positive reviews.

you can view that article here--

It was at the top of the list and I hadn't heard of it at all so I had to do my own research. Well I tried too, most articles about NAGA, at least the wallet aspect, were a few months old and mostly promoting the anticipated release. They seemed fairly legit though, so I decided to just hop on over and sign up with them on their site.

It was very easy to setup my account with them and they also allow you to enable 2fa; which Is always a nice little extra feature. They also have the option to setup security through your phone, which is where I ran into my first issue.

It was saying my phone number wasn't valid. worrisome for sure.
after a little more research however I found my answer. They don't register any American number because trading through their platform is not yet supported in north America. Actually the list of countries that didn't yet accept them was very small but it was most of the big players as you can see.

Screenshot (5).png

Screenshot (6).png

So even though I cant trade on their platform they will allow me to use the wallet feature.

I still have some pretty high hopes for this wallet. I'll probably be investing in NAGA coin as well soon if the application really catches my fancy. I just hope that America is accepted soon for trading. but how do you feel? Does anyone know anything else about this wallet or coin??? Do you have any suggestions for alt coin wallets???

As always if you actually read this article I really appreciate you. Have a very money day.

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