How To Rent Out Your Extra Hard Drive Space For Money Using STORJSHARE In 3 Easy Steps

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Storj: Decentralizing Cloud Storage

Storj is a blockchain-based, ene-to-end encrypted, distributed cloud storage platform which gives you and only you complete access over your stored data and it does it at a highly competitive price.

So do you have some extra hard drive space on your computer, laptop, or external storage devices that is just sitting there? If so why not rent it out to STORJ for a small profit each month, it only takes 2 minutes to setup!

How To Rent Out Your Extra Hard Drive Space For Money Using STORJSHARE In 3 Easy Steps:

  1. First download the Storjshare program at and then install it on your computer or laptop, and once done open the program to start the setup.
  2. Once the Storjshare program is installed and opened, input the required field below to complete the setup.
    a. Payout Address = The address you wish to get paid in. This payout address needs to be a ERC20 compatible wallet, if you do not yet have an Ethereum wallet you can create one in 30 seconds at
    b. Storage Location = The location on your hard drive you wish the rented storage space to live. Start by creating a folder somewhere on your computer where you want the stored data to be located, give it a name (I named mine Storjshare1) and then bonce created go back to storjshare and pick the folder you created as the storage location.
    c. Storage Size = The amount of storage space you wish to allocate/rent on your hard drive (this can be changed at any time). The more space you are willing to rent out, the more potential money you can make. Also you can rent space from multiple devices at once (my actual computer rents out 500GB + 2 USB external storage devices connected to it rents out 1TB each, 2.5TB total)
  3. Once done adding your address, selecting a storage location, and allocating a max storage size, just start the program each time you start your computer and leave it running in the background. Over time it will start to build out shares which will translate to taking up your storage space (the more people needing storage space, the faster your storage space will be filled up/rented).

After its setup and running, at the start of each month the payment for your rented space will automatically be sent to your wallet address in the form of Storj tokens which you can just hold on to if you wish, or you can cash them out by transferring them over to an exchange that offers the buying/selling of that token (such as Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex...) which will turn them into bitcoin/Ethereum..
sidenote: For step 5, although the monthly payout is automatic, I find it tends to be quite delayed (sometimes by days, other times by weeks). Overall I have become accustom to expecting up to a months delay before payment in each case (I tend to get last months payments at the end of the next month instead of the beginning).

And that's it, your now renting out your spare hard drive space to Storj! The amount of profit you get each month will continue to grow over time as long as you run the program whenever your computer is on and leave the program running in the background.

For more information feel free to check out the official STORJ website at

Nov 14, 2017: SONM Announces Partnership with Decentralized Cloud Storage Service STORJ

As was mentioned in the updated version of the roadmap, the SONM infrastructure requires something called “object storage.” Recently, the development team determined that STORJ, the decentralized object storage platform, will serve this purpose nicely, and meets all the requirements to be integrated into SONM.

This week, the teams at SONM and STORJ signed a technical agreement, and both teams are ready to announce their strategic cooperation. This partnership will enable workers and end-buyers to interact and share files directly on the SONM platform.

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