Earn Free Crypto For Running Videos With Ads In The Background! 3 Days Left For The +30% Bonus on AdWall Videos (Bonus Ends Dec 25th)

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Tis the Season For Free Cryptos!

Are you looking to grow your crypto stack without the need for any more capitol investment? If so EarnCrypto might be perfect for you! It pays you rewards for watching videos with ads, and these rewards come in the form of the crypto of your choice (they offer 67 cryptos to choose from, and are adding more by the day). This includes some of your favorites such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Cardano, NEO, ARK, Dash, Ethereum and a whole bunch more. And best of all for 3 more days it is offering a +30% reward payout on all video ads, which when combined with the current dip in the crypto space makes it a perfect time to get a decent daily crypto payout with minimal effort! Here is a sample of the rewards I have received in the past hour running this site in the background!

And before the nay-sayers call scam, I can personally confirm the site is quite legit and have already done multiple withdrawals to my personal wallets without any issues at all. The way it works is simple, advertisers pay to have ads in videos, this site feeds you those videos (which you can run 24/7 if you want) and then the site gives you a large portion of the payout from the ad views in the form of the crypto of your choosing. Here is a screenshot of my most recent withdrawal which I did just a few days ago.

So far I have gotten ~$50USD worth of free crypto in the past 2 weeks (~.04 LTC and ~110+ XLM in my case), which isn't too shabby for simply letting something run in the background while I do other tasks such as doing Steemit posts, watching YouTube videos or doing work online (as I work from home).

For info on how to optimize your EarnCrypto rewards for the most free crypto possible, check out my post below which goes over various tips to help out!

EarnCrypto.com Optimization Tips: Get The Most Out Of Your EarnCrypto Experience And Gain MORE FREE CRYPTO Daily!

Below is a referral link for the site if you want to try it out, it is 100% free to join, and you don't have to use my link if you don't want to (but it doesn't negatively affect you in any way and gives me a small 10% bonus so it would obviously be greatly appreciated)!

Join EarnCrypto For Free
Earn Free Bitcoin With EarnCrypto.com
Earn Free Litecoin With EarnCrypto.com
Earn Free Ethereum With EarnCrypto.com
(Just FYI you can switch your reward crypto within your account at any time and it takes effect instantly)

I have a feeling that 2018 is going to be an exciting year for the crypto space, so start loading up on your favorite cryptos now however you can while they are still somewhat cheap!

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Much love "bobinv" for signing up as a referral and actually using the site (a lot of people sign up but many tend not to use it for some reason). If you see this message, please let me know how you like the platform after you use it for few days. Good luck, and keep on stackin and maybe one day we can compare our Lambos!

As an added note for anyone who cares, I switched from farming LTC to farming ARK since it appears ARK dipped more then LTC did during this correction, so the current reward for ARK is paying out better then LTC and has more room for increased returns when the market finally decides to swing back into an uptrend.

I just registered using your link. Let see how it goes.