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After a wild ride in 2017 I managed to turn $50 into over $2,000 since March, now what does my portfolio have in store for me in 2018 is the question I keep asking myself. Looking at my portfolio I have noticed that I currently hold way too many different coins, now I need to eliminate some and this is the hard part for me as I do not know where to start. Currently my portfolio consists of the following:
Steem: 60% / TRX: 7% / XVG: 6% / PASC: 4% / XLM: 3% / CVC: 3% / BTS: 3% / OMG: 3% / BNB: 2% / IOTA: 2% / SBD: 2% / ETN: 3% / BTC: 1%

I am debating on moving IOTA / OMG / PASC / CVC / and selling my SBD for another coin or more ETN. Please let me know what your thoughts are on these as I feel I should try and get this narrowed down to 4-6 different ones while doubling up the investments.

I am always looking for input and what others might have gathered during their research.


I suggest you to try/ study and invest in NAS.

I am not on the market with NAS, haven’t researched if I can’t get it.

People behind NAS as the same as Neo.
Just search.

Thanks lets hope we all have solid gains in 2018