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So the journey began March 2017 when I was first introduced into the Cryptocurrency world. One of my co-workers was telling me about ETH and how it was the next big thing, I decided to look into this but was not sure about any of this as I had never heard of Bitcoin at the time. So I watched ETH grow from $25 up to $40 before I wanted to get in.

By the time my account was created and I could purchase on Coinbase this was up to $45 and looking to grow faster, still not 100% sold on this I decided to put $50 into ETH and continue to research. Well my $50 on Coinbase got me a whole 1.1 ETH and I wanted more so I decided to watch the charts closely and was going to buy in again at $40 when it dipped, well it hit the $40 mark and I thought maybe it will go lower so I waited for $38 and again it hit this number. I almost pulled the trigger but I said ok if it goes to $33 I will get more, well I never got any more ETH unfortunately.

After researching I found that there was a whole market of coins and tokens that were being traded (how have I never known about this) and I wanted in. So I found a few sites that were easily accessed and Polo was the first on I could get into so I sent over 1 ETH and began trading. Now I still had little information on all of this but I knew I wanted to sell and make money on the trades so I kept track of every trade and my gains/losses along with the fees to trade.

So fast forward after hundreds of trades in 4 months whether it was XRP/SC/DGB/LSK/GNT/ EMC2/ and many others that I got by some blind luck. I decided to sell my GNT and other small coins after making a solid profit and invest that into Steem after researching and watching videos by @jerrybanfield. I managed to have enough that I could purchase 135 total Steem, now I know that this is not a lot however after having invested $50 back in March and only moving half of my coins I was happy. By making this move I found that I was about 75% invested in Steem and was hoping for the best.

A few months later I was sitting close to $750 in all of my coins I had invested in, I was excited that I earned around 1,500% in only a few months (XRP/DGB/SC were the main factors of this as they grew over 5,000%). Low and behold I wake up one morning to check and everything crashed and I was trying everything I could to make gains but could not, I sold some coins for less than I bought trying to get into the next big gain. Finally I walked away and let everything sit for a while (the end of November).

When I came back to I noticed that everything was looking positive for me and I Sold my XRP at $0.31 a massive gain from my $0.006 when I got it in March I moved this into others and was making solid gains again, I thought okay I am back. Well after a few weeks of trading I found a few posts that seemed to be almost spot on (close enough to the predictions for me), so I started following @haejin and I didn’t buy all of his picks but the ones I liked and could see a future for I got into. Honestly I can say that I was able to get some solid WINS out of those picks.

So I bet you are wondering what I am currently sitting at after just a few months of trading…….Well I am now over 4,300% since march and sitting at $2,170 at the moment. So I can say that I have had a successful 9 months even with taking a few off and walking away. The hardest part was making $200 from the $50 as I was involved in so many coins at the time.

Now I have gone back to see what I would have and if trading has provided higher gains and I can honestly say that the current route I am on is the best value for me. As far as ripple I only got in for 236 coins at $0.006 so if I would have held the profits would have been nice but I made that and more with my other coins I got for the XRP I sold.

I am hoping to get as close to $5,000 as possible by March as I would like to have made 10,000% in 1 year of trading/holding.


Do you use chart analysis or market cap rankings or other techniques for making your trading decisions?

In the beginning honestly I just got into what I thought had a place or seemed to peak my interest. I know I read a lot about XRP and really like it but did not see it going over 1$ so i sold when it was at a standstill. I do look at the charts that @haejin puts out and his work seems to be solid. Honestly I still do not read the charts but research the technology and information I can find on them before I buy. I have never traded stocks so Charts are a whole new ballgame and I will be working on that this year so I can make predictions. Hope this helps

Am I the only one that can't stand watching that dude? There are honestly a dozen better channels for crypto to watch.

Who are we talking about?

Yea I havent watched many of his videos recently after i got back into crypto, I heard that he went to the bots. Not a fan of that I dont want to pay for an upvote.