Why blockchain is suitable for game.

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The game market is growing rapidly, both domestically and internationally. The reason for this growth in the game market is that we want to interpret the nature of the game as play. According to the article covered by Forbes, a leading U.S. business magazine, "It's going to be a game that develops blockchain" also there's a lot of news that supports our new game ecosystem.

Overseas, where blockchain industry is developing more actively than Korea, they are aware of why games fit with blockchain. That's why people have been working on a lot of projects lately to bring game and blockchain together. Though they are one step behind Korea, Bryllite.

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The effect of applying a blockchain to a game.
▶ Games don't disappear (decentralized)

The game will not disappear → when legacy game disappear you lose all of the assets in the game.
Blockchain games don't disappear which means game assets will be permanently belong to gamers with ultimate ownership.

The legacy game market structure was like this: Developers develop games and players enjoy games. As games get older and gamers leave the game, developers stop game services and gamers lose all of their time and effort and even paid services. And so far, no one has questioned the complete disappearance of user time and effort. But in fact, there was no way to solve the problem, because even if you make an objection, the developer is profit-seeking company and won't offer the game for free.

In the next post we will discuss more detail when blockchain is applied to game.

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