when blockchain is applied to game

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What will happen when blockchain technology is applied to games?
The decentralized game is ran by numerous gamers. Once blockchain game is developed and began to create blocks, even if the developer can't stop the game the data would remain as long as single player remains. In this way player won't be forced to quit or lose precious assets left in the game.

And in a decentralized game, developers don't wield huge amounts of power. In the traditional game market, if users were reported, the game company imposed sanctions on them. The game company sometimes did harsh things, including taking permanent deportation from the game. In a blockchain game, no one, including developers, is allowed to impose sanctions arbitrarily.

There's a saying, Homo Ludens which means playing man. Playing makes us feel like we are living humanly and enjoying life. In ancient times, dancing and singing were important rituals, a big part of life, and in modern times, games have digitally evolved.

source PUBG

French sociologist Roger Caillois emphasized in his book, "Man, Play and games," that play is a source of creativity and the most essential element of human understanding. We don't know when the perfect blockchain game will be made. However, game which can be a source of creativity, can lead the development of blockchain technology.

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