HanbitSoft VR game Hellgate London

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Hello. This is Bryllite : beyond the game boundaries. Blockchain game platform, building new game ecosystems

Today, after "HanbitSoft and VR Industry" we want to talk about "HanbitSoft and VR Game."

HanbitSoft has been developing future technology with interest and passion. We devoted all energy to develop VR games.

HanbitSoft's global arcade game audition and shooting game Hell gate London are now in the final stages of development with VR games and the Bryllite team has visited to try HanbitSoft's new VR game. Today, I will introduce you HanbitSoft's new VR game, which is the best game to really experience virtual reality, Hell gate London VR.

While there were many VR experiences, games with VR were not very popular due to various issues, and it was acceptable that Samsung Electronics joined HanbitSoft's VR business. When the Bryllite team experienced it, the outcome was so amazing.

It was realistic as it is in right in front of face, however it solved the chronic problem of VR game and showed us a stable graphic. Also the game was easy for users to get used to it very quickly.

We could understand why Samsung Electronics joined the company's VR business. The future shown in movie "Ready Player One" wasn't that fat from us.

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