Bryllite adviosr Kim Youngman becomes a chairman of Korea e-sports association

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Hello, This is Bryllite, building a new game ecosystem beyond the game boundaries.

Last 17th there was a new announcement that Chairman Kim Young-man, advisor of Bryllite, was elected as chairman of the Korea e-Sports Association. Kim Young-man was the first chairman of the e-Sports Association and he has greatly contributed to the development of the Korean e-Sports industry in early 2000. Kim Young-man, who has been in the gaming industry for a long time, is Bryllite's advisor and vice president of HanbitSoft.

Some reporters insist that Kim Young-man, got elected to be emergency firefighter in e-sports industry. South Korea, which has established the concept of e-sports, has lost past glories as a result of lack of proper support for e-sports. It seems like to be hard journey to revive the e-sports industry again.

Kim Young-man is said to have met with the government, game companies and media officials involved in e-sports by January of next year and come up with measures to normalize the association. As he served as the first president, he is expected to revive the Korean e-sports market.

As a Bryllite advisor he is expected to enhance the policy related to blockchain industry. Also people are looking forward about combination of blockchain and game to be encouraged.

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