BRC Coin Burn !

in #cryptocurrency5 years ago

Hello, this is Bryllite, beyond the game boundaries : global game asset transfer platform.

Following the BRC listing on Coinzest, we decide to burn BRC

As I promised, 650 million BRC is burned, and the total volume of BRC is now 350 million.


Burn is the term used to buy and burn shares in the stock market, because reducing the number of shares, issued in the stock market increases the value of the share and profits the shareholders.

The coin burn on the blockchain has a similar effect but slightly different methods. Unlike real stocks, cryptocurrencies are virtual currency, so if anyone sends them to a particular address where no one knows the private key, coins can never be taken out or used again.

The address used for coin burn is referred to Eater Address.

The expected effect of coin burn is an increase in the scarcity of BRC by reducing supply. While many coins are burning their coins, the number of bryllite coins issued with 1 billion according to the global game market can be expected to rise more.

The overall market situation is not very good. Bryllite are on the way to get more investment from institutional investors.

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