Beyond 4G, understanding of 5G

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5G is already being developed and will become a core technology in the industry 4.0! People were using 3G just a few years ago. Then, 4G service emerged causing rise of fee. What is 5G technology?

Communication technology have been developed in the order of 1G-2G-3G-4G-5G, G is Generation.

1G, the first-generation mobile communication technology, was analog technology that enabled voice calls only.
Second-generation allowed voice calls, text messages and e-mails, but was very slow.
Third-generation started to introduce the mobile Internet in earnest.
Fourth-generation greatly improved the speed, enabling large file downloads or video streaming.

Then, what is the fifth generation of mobile communication technology?
Generation is defined by the speed of data transfer rates. That's why some users have questioned the practicality of the fifth-generation data communication technology. However, not only does 5G increased speed, but also made drastic increase in other aspects that is suitable for 4th Industrial Revolution. The characteristics of 5th generation are transmission speed, delay time, and capacity of connection.

To find out where it can be used in terms of transmission speed, think of change from 3G to 4G enabled the smooth streaming that required a lot of capacity. The developed technology after the video requires faster transmission that can process large amounts at a faster rate.

Currently, image technology that is actively developed is hologram, VR, and AR technology which requires faster and bigger data transmission than previous videos. The existing 4G could support hologram, but the quality wasn't good enough. In case of VR and AR technology are receiving much attention thanks to 5G technology.

In latency aspect, the self-driving car industry is drawing more attention than in VR or streaming. Autonomous car, which is connected to GPS, various sensors and computer processors, need each device to send and receive information quickly. So that 5G will play the key role for self-driving cars as 0.1 second difference can lead to major accidents.

The 5th generation mobile communication technology's capacity for terminal is almost 10 times better than the existing 4G technology. If four generation were able to connect to 100,000 terminals per square kilometer, five generation could hold up to one million units, which is 10 times more.

The capacity of handsets is expected to play a crucial role in improving the performance of IoT (Internet of Things), one of the major technologies of the fourth industrial revolution a.k.a hyper-connected society. IoT is a technology that allows various objects to exchange information in real time and proactively respond to changes of the environment. Since many devices need to be connected to realize IoT, 5G is expected to be essential for smooth connection.

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