You DESERVE to get your $$$ stolen if you don't protect it!

in cryptocurrency •  last year

Japanese Cryptocurrency exchange gets $500 million dollar hacked!!! Don't ever trust any exchange and never accept an ounce of counter Party risk......EVER!

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I wish I could express well, how much I love your passion I see in the videos you do. It is just magnificent.
Do more > I want more.

Oh... Omg

You know. I have a Trezor. I just had to buy the Ledger to hold Stratis, because Trezor doesn't support STRAT.


Be happy you did @gatorbait

Because Trezor is not as safe as LEDGER NANO-S is.

Google for this - you will learn yourself.


Whoa Japan hit again! Yes exchanges are big targets and hackers will work harder for the big score that they offer. Also exchanges are not to be trusted because they are unregulated and uninsured so counter-party risk is off the charts with no safety net. Thanks for bringing us the sad news... a good warning for us all.

I guess lesson 1 to all interested in cryptos is: Don't be a momo, buy a f'n wallet.

· it

Good advice. I was pissed off to wake up and see that my portfolio was down over 10% because dumb b@stards allowed themselves to get ripped off.

I wonder if it was North Korean hackers who stole the money. We'll see if Kim Jong Un gains another 50 lbs. in the coming weeks if he has more resources to buy food.

· prolly was that crazy Korean! Our is was the good old CIA

nice lesson like your vedio.😊

Great advice. I am so glad I was able to get my Smartcash out of Cryptopia!

I like the idea of never buy more than you can take out that same day on an exchange. Good one!

At minimum where applicable, paper wallets are a good move. So easy to do with currencies like Ether.

Always 2FA your account and never hold any consolidation coins (BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC) on any of these exchanges. Hackers are looking for online hot wallets with the most value per unit in cryptos.


Totally agreed...2FA(I use google authenticator app on my Iphone) is spectacular. I lock everything crypto down with it online. Also, you can buy a Ledger Nano S Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet. Note that link is my affiliate link to Amazon (USA marketplace link) and only use it if you appreciated my answer and solution. You are of course free to go directly to amazon directly, but will still pay the same price that following my link feel free to hook me up since it is no loss to you. I hope this helps you or others .💩

I resteemed this. Thank you for the honest advice fora beginner like me.

This video is really informative. All What you said is really true. I think my friends have to watch this video before they venture into any needless risk. I like the way you carefully explain the reason why we need to be very careful about these. Thanks for sharing this post and God bless you.


All newbies into crypto need this pounded into thier brain. It is a must to protect your coins

Love to see people educate others on protecting their investment.


Thanks for watching my vid...


No doubt, you put out good content.

$530 million dollars theft......... OMG.......
Don't trust any exchanges- Better advice from you @broncnutz..
Yeah..I heard those news of Japanese exchange site hacked.. Now we want to be careful and don't keep any fund risky exchanges.
Thanks for the video advice.

My hat almost dropped at the moment I got the news of that rob
In fact, I don't know what to call it a rob, theft,.... or something else
that shit exchange agencies are not safe and unfortunately, your money isn't protected with them


Biggest robbery in human history


until now yes
but if no action is taken, there will be bigger robberies for sure

"You cannot trust any exchange in the world"

Thanks for spreading this message. I need to tighten up my accounts as well. Thanks @broncnutz.


Tighten up! I like it.....

Thanks for such advice. Last week I was scammed by one last exchange so call company. With Steemit our future is secured

Good video Bron. He is right guys, get a hardware wallet as soon as possible. Definitely worth the money. If you cant buy one for whatever reasons you have at least store your coins in a digital wallet like (this one is just for ERC20 tokens).

I Agree with you @broncnutz. If we can't protect our cryptos best way its sell before hacked. Your update very unhappy news for some peoples invest there in Japanese exchange. Currently lot exchanges hacked and banned. Totally disappointing scene.
But you gives better message to community.


Your always here with good comments! Thanks again

I agree wholeheartedly. Lesson learned for many individuals who are new to the space, never leave your money on any of the exchanges. Its literally so easy for hackers to get into your account, even if you have 2FA. Store your crypto in an offline wallet like Ledger Nano S. Even popular exchanges like Coinbase can get hacked so its so important to keep your crypto safe in these offline wallets.

I have heard of so many people keeping their money on exchanges. This is the most riskiest thing to do. It is also at the same time most laziest thing to do.
There are a lot of exchanges that have got hacked. Most of the times exchanges themselves fake hack to do away with people's money.


It's sooooo lazy to leave the money on an exchange! Good way to put it....

I saw it from another post and i was like WTF. While we are busy trying to make a push up on bitcoin market value peoplw are hacking. Is it a sign that bitcoin value will escalate x10 in no time? Food for thought ! And the person recommended COLD STORAGE which is an offline storage for bitcoin and transactions only take place offline
Which make it safer. But what i asked the person was that,all trading of bitcoin has to bee offline and you can't really transfer bitcoin to blockchain or paxful because they are online .meaning a good statistical data has to be brought that alot has accepted cold storage before bitcoin investors can go for it as a security..thanks for sharing your info with steemain


Thanks for watching my video cuz....


You welcome anytime and any second aslong it's all ok n what i desire especially the cryptosphere. I got interest in it alot because i am an investor in bitcoin.

I heard news that it was $800m not $530m
and you are right about taking care and never trust an exchange site and already I don't trust them at all
I only trust blockchain and take care 100%
It's money not a toy that can be lost that easy way
you are right at every word brother @broncnutz


No matter how much it was....that much money should have never been there to steal


What do you think about decentralized exchanges @broncnutz ? Any plans to talk on this in future videos?


you are completely's not their fault and there should be more control on that type of shit sites
everybody that has nothing to do, make an exchange site
that's really bad


This is exactly what I was asking about yesterday.

Thanks for the tips.


You kinda gave me the idea for this one, are you in my head right now?


Just appreciating the information with examples I can understand.

Paper bag with money, that was funny.

Great advice, Broncnutz. It’s our own fault if we don’t need your advice. Got my paper bag secured baby!


Imma try it with 20 bucks tonight....see if it's still there.

the tool that u use is safe to keep
you're correct when you said it's not their fault, it's your fault
nobody can be blamed for wasting your money but you
that's a hard fact and we must deal with it properly

Great words of caution! I will go cold storage and cold steel!

Or was that magnum!

Thanks for the advice and the video, leaving money. Keeping money on exchange is a total risk, I was scammed of my money last year also.

Much obliged for such exhortation. A week ago I was misled by one final trade so call organization. With Steemit our future is secured

all of your post is always so informative,so i regularly follow your blog. love to read it...........

I really proud wacthing to your video.and you all time informative news given thanks @broncnutz

Extraordinary guidance. I am so happy I could get my Smartcash out of Cryptopia!
At least where material, paper wallets are a decent move.
I like the possibility of never purchase more than you can take out that same day on a trade. Great one!

I need to get my Ripple off of the exchange pronto. I just don't like the idea of saying goodbye to 20 innocent XRP.

Seriously, if you do not hold your keys then you do not hold your coin...let it be a harsh lesson to anyone who lost.
No one is going to bail you out, be responsible with your investments

@broncnutz, Extremely greatest advice given by you. Fortunately I used only Binance and Bittrex. Both has more security features. But can't tell anythings coz hackers can be reverse our funds anytime they're real qualified their subject.
Thanks a lot for given valuable information.

In one of your previous posts you told that the OG Brocnutz videos are addictive. You're damn right!


😂thank you! I like to keep ya on your toes.


😎 👍

This is so great! You got the great point here......

Before anything, its is very important to understand that crypto as technology is revolutionary. It has the potential to bring rapid change in the way we think and trade. We have been looted by the government on the name of laws and taxes but crypto going to shut policy's man mouth with his ability of transparnecy.thanks shareing by@broncnutz

You always said it always keep the coins safe ... but still now if someone don't understand they really don't deserve it one of the most important videos ever :)

I have cryptos on coincheck and it’s saying all my coins are in check. But I can’t deposit or withdraw at the moment ! Good thing I don’t have a huge amount in it ! I’m not worried either as I see somethimg positive coming out of this . And that is me storing everything offline from now on .

This reminds me of when someone tried to hack into my binance account. What you have just said is absolutely facts, leaving coins in exchange sites are a big risk as they could get hacked anytime any day. Storing them on offline wallet like open ledger is the best thing.

Excellent video and i agree with your points leaving coins on exchanges is always a risk and i think if we want to hold the cryptos then private wallet's are much better and safer option because in private wallet's we have all keys in our pocket, thanks for sharing your nice thoughts with us, Stay blessed

great dear @broncnutz

Can't even trust keeping things in your office.


Agree. Was a big believer in cold wallets but now I prefer my hardware wallet. Even this old dog learns new tricks.

Thanks again for the reminder. I know this but have been lazy on doing it because I like to trade. Time to vault up!

530million $ thief...I cant believe this...OMG...
@broncnutz sir...actualy I think this is our fault...we always try protect our coins...
I'm new comer in to crypto world...I'm always try learn something with ur every posts...
Thank you so much @broncnutz sir..for sharing ur valuble ideas with us...

Good point, it reinforces the need to have a local offline wallet.

"Don't ever trust any exchange..." Unless it's BitShares of course ;) Decentralized exchanges ftw!

Then how can we protect money?


@ahlawat You can buy a Ledger Nano S Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet. Note that link is my affiliate link to Amazon (USA marketplace link) and only use it if you appreciated my answer and solution. You are of course free to go directly to amazon directly, but will still pay the same price that following my link provides. I hope this helps you or others .💩 @isco


thanks for telling!

Amen brother, thats it...dont trust anyone!

this is a great,,,nice video...

I agree with you and thanks for such advice.
Your video is

How can i get it and where is my friend?

Its really helpful news dear
Thanks for sharing with us

Crypto/BTC is a great way.The earliest way to get rich and not just make money with crypyo is to buy BTC and hold for year or two..........

Thank you for keep us aware that this exchanges can't be trusted.

If people only knew how little security and regulation are
protecting these overseas exchanges.

Mt. Gox was just the beginning of these hacks. Stay Safe Everyone!!!!

Thanks for information sir
Upvote resteem your post

I completely agree, I think this is mainly down to the mainstream people not realising the difference between an exchange and a wallet where you hold the private keys.

Cases like this though, do slow the mass adoption of cryptos, which isn't great. Perhaps these exchanges should hire some descent Devs that actually know something about security. Rather than solely concentrating on the front-end UX.


The problem is, enterprise-grade security is tough. Really tough. The incentive to hack exchange accounts and drain wallets is massive. We also can't rule out that state-sponsored hackers might be behind some of these attacks. Given the anonymous nature of crypto, it could be the perfect cyber-crime to hack an exchange and dump your ill-gotten goods elsewhere. Cold storage of assets in an exchange should be mandatory if regulation comes to the market. There's no reason why all the assets should be available immediately if a database is compromised. GDAX does this, and others should follow their lead. Even still, there's no beating an offline wallet, with your own chain of custody and a sturdy fire safe at your house, or a safe deposit box at your local credit union or bank.

This very nice post thanks for sharing crytocurrecy news.. carry one..

This video is really informative. All What you said is really true. I think my friends have to watch this video before they venture into any needless risk. I like the way you carefully explain the reason why we need to be very careful about these. Thanks for sharing this post and God bless you.

very valuable post @broncnutz.Thanks for sharing great information.

Exchanges have a role but not for HODLing! Decentralized exchanges are the future.

Great advice @broncnutz

Cryptocurrency is not different than most investments, the only major difference is the decentralization of it and it being a new market place and maybe the average age of investors in this space being 20-30 rather than experienced 30+. Many people need to understand that this is very much UNREGULATED and once your funds are stolen its nearly impossible to recover them!

Wow...Amazing post my dear..Thanks for sharing cryptocrrency news..I appreciate your every blog....Best of luck.

Just got to know from your video that $500 million dollar hacked OMG that's a huge loss but a very important lesson to learn from it for all.

We should worry about the future of our digital wallet.

cryptoes are future

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yeh exactly nowadays don't trust on any exchange because every cryptocurrency exchanges are in danger due to hacker.
hacker trying to hack these exchanges @broncnutz

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yeah.... I totally agree with you @broncnutz ....
$500 million dollars theft its really a huge amount.
you know that according to online survey Across the world there are over approx 170 ( more) bitcoin exchanges, with new exchanges popping up constantly. For exchangers, the business model is very clear. Making money from exchanging fiat-to-bitcoin and bitcoin-to-fiat is there, the demand has risen every year continuously,
actually attacker managed to take over exchanger DNS server and serve a fake version of the site to visitors. and many users unknowingly sending their tokens to the hacker instead of the exchange and most of people who interacted with the fake site may have sent ether or other tokens to the hacker.

"A popular cryptocurrency exchange EtherDelta got hacked in spectacular fashion, with many users unknowingly sending their tokens to the hacker instead of the exchange. and you don't believe they approx $266,789 were stolen, as well as a large number of tokens potentially worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. and after that EtherDelta confirmed the attack on Twitter and advised all users not to use the site.
and they warn the meantime "" please DONOT use the current site"".
so guys be-aware of smart hackers before you send check all type of possibilities and public comments.
how to avoid: so users have to care few points users need to protect other personal assets, such as your Social Security number, bank accounts and credit cards. Install and run antivirus software on your Windows PC, Mac and Android devices. Screen your emails carefully, and set up two-factor authentication on every online account that lets you. Encrypt your hard drives and mobile devices, and make regular backups of them, It's All About Protecting the Private Keys. and user need to a 256-bit number that unlocks a cryptocurrency wallet and once you ensure that your private keys have a layer of protection, you need to safeguard your cryptocurrency wallet. and do not leave huge amount on your exchange wallet.
hope it will help.
thank you .....

But we have been advised never to leave our coins on exchanges

@broncnutz Good post'' So your "I get rich by posting memes" wasn't really a meme!
Just kiddin stack, keep it up

fabulous one.........We are all lucky to have such an exemplary one as you....

leaving money on exchange is just like walking on the fire thinking nothing will happen ....thanks man for sharing such a valuable advice with us all.

Great man hats off

Is there any particular hardware or local software wallet that has support not just for the major coins like BTC and ETH, but future support built-in for new coins as they come to the marketplace? The only reason why I've hesitated to buy a hardware wallet or use local software wallets is because I didn't see one that had an easy upgrade path to include future coins. Your input is appreciated.

it's essential blog about cryptocurrency.
i like this info. thanks for sharing

never ever leave a single amount on exchanges my friend lost 40 btc and it really hurts just imagine keep yourself at that place so better follow this advice from @broncnutz steemians :)

thanks for the advise sir..i was not aware of it..thanks alot

cryptos keeps on getting stolen like this we still have time better buy a hardware wallet instead which one you think its the best @broncnutz


I think I answered this in the video


I like the gentle "please watch the whole video instead of just commenting" reminder. I'm guilty of leaving reply's while I'm watching as well which is why I sometimes leave 2 comments per post. :)

2FA security can protect?


Many of the phone-based security measures can be by-passed by spoofing you, there have been many cases of attempts and successful social engineering resulting in losses of accounts and funds.


Two-factor can be spoofed, plus if your phone has malware, a hacker can screen capture your 2FA codes to login. Additionally, if you're using text messages as your 2FA, some cyber crooks will call your phone company and get your phone number ported to their phone, then gain complete access to any incoming 2FA codes related to any of your logins.

That is why diversification of exchanges and investments is key.

lesson are always good to learn and never repeating them is what makes us wise

Take all the necessary measures to protect your assets.

This is a vital message. You're right that it's best to not buy coins that are only able to be kept on exchanges. I'm 95% off exchanges, but have 5% on one exchange I've been feeling guilty about, but mainly because I'm not sure where to store them right now offline.

This video was a great service message. If people see this and don't take it seriously to order a hardware wallet/act, then there's no hope for them!!

great video. i likes your post.
resteem and upvoto.

this is alert we should all remain safe crypto is really a gold and you should not leave it on any exchange out there...

Yes....1000% agree with you @broncnutz sir...
Actualy I think we always try from our maximum for safe our money in exchange sites...
I'm always used 2FA my acoount...bcz...I'm small trader...I have not big money...hahahaha...
Useful and interestnig video again sir...


definitely we don't deserve them if we don't care about them but you explained it really well and the importance of keeping it safe

Completely agree, but keep in mind that a majority of people who have gotten into this space recently don't know any better. I couldn't even imagine what would happen if CoinBase got hacked being that so many people in the US use it, it would be chaos!!!

I am @babangsunan very fond of your post every there is your post i do not forget upvote thank you friends have shared interesting things visit my blog @babangsunan interesting i love you


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well said @broncnutz !!
this video deserves applauds you told from the start as i know have been watching from the beginning exchanges are not safe and here is the live demo today where hacking took place and all the coins get vanished in seconds

you are helping new people too with giving important tips and valuable information thanks @broncnutz for being the inspiration

This is so sad,$500 million!!!

Thanks @broncnutz for sharing the  with all of us.

 Japanese Cryptocurrency exchange gets $500 million dollar hacked!!! 

Well was quite shocked literally when i came to know this today but these are now a part of daily lives as you said just like robbers loot bank these hackers hack these exchanges...but we have to take control of the money we own in the online space and not the exchanges they just provide the service ...we have the authority to safeguard our money.

Its really good to store some crypto if you have loads in the hardware wallet only that may looks expensive to some but that's how it all works here in crypto world just like a bank account in real world here we have hardware offline wallets the only way to remain secure and safe without any worry in mind.

Thanks once again for quickly sharing this vlog as soon this new's came out you keep all of us updated and safe from anything around,really love watching your vlogs.

Have a great day ahead


EXACTLY.......!! by the way, what do you think of the Eagles? Upset on the way...(imho)..thanks...see my Foles/eagles latest.