How to get a Cryptocoin Index Fund.....TODAY **BTWTY** BEAT IT COINBASE!

in cryptocurrency •  9 months ago

Have the new Trump Tax Laws regarding trading cryptocoins got you down? Today I introduce you to Bittwenty (BTWTY) a cryptocoin index fund with only 1 TOKEN! Coinbase is offering a new Index fund but the average person cant even play in the game yet. Today I show you a legal way around the "accredited investor" rule and get involved in even a better fund that is built by an algorithm and broadcast to the Bitshares blockchain so that it can not be manipulated. Genius...

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i know owners of this, good one ;)


I love this fund.

It's exciting to see these index funds getting rolled out. Shows financial progress as whole in the crypto marketplace. Great way to get a little diversification which most of us could use.


No one is advertising Bitcoin on Google. No one.

We were glad you got some Bit20! (;


I'm glad you introduced me to it!


No problem! We were glad you already had a bunch of Bitshares stacked up (:
You should make a video about how Poloniex has been Baloniex lately :D


oh its coming believe me. i got other vids on deck already though. i got lots of subjects lined up

Great vlog cuz! It's interesting to see how much the crypto world is advancing everday. Thanks for sharing these crypto advancements with us!


Just keep coming to class flunkie! By next year you will be able to explain Blockchain and Crypto to Seth after he has had a half bottle of Scotch and lost two poker games to me. That's when you become a black belt son!!!!! Seth is your black belt test LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I love it.


Haha I fell off the wagon a little with the comments when you were in Mexico but I watched the vlogs.

Coinbase Index Fund will give investors exposure to all digital assets listed on Coinbase’s exchange, GDAX, weighted by market capitalization. If a new asset is listed on the exchange, it will be automatically added to the fund.

Index funds have changed the way that many people think about investing. By providing diversified exposure to a broad range of assets, index funds enable investors to track the performance of an entire asset class, rather than having to select individual assets. We’re excited to give our customers the ability to invest in the potential of blockchain-based digital assets as a whole.


I need you as a co-host! You just broke it all down in two paragraphs better than I did in a 9 min video. Thanks for checking it out though because I really think these index funds are gonna catch on big with future investors.

Thanks a lot for indroducing about Bittwenty,taxes are main issue in uk now,thanks a lot for helping us,lots of love.


Thanks for watching me do videos! :)

Hahaha !! We all hate Ripple !!

These ways seems to be quite helpful @broncnutz.

Thanks for taking time to explain it all to us.



I love it that this fund Bittwenty says right on their website that the fund automatically excludes Ripple even though it is a top 20 traded coin. I love it.


Quite bold these guys are !!! Need to check them out asap :D

Hah I share your hate for ripple! Mo-mos!

Bitshares wallet sounds like a good idea for a few different reasons. I was going to bed but have to get this done before I do now.

Thanks for keeping it real from the west/west.


Getting a Bitshares wallet is a no brainer in my opinion. How could one not want a wallet at a completely decentralized exchange?


You have never steered me wrong yet and @sequentialvibe is telling the crew the same thing. Will do and thanks!

@broncnutz, Great information! Really it will be helpful for us. Your fascinating video and your advised really impress me for all the time. Already I am youtube subscriber.


I am amazed everyday how many people are watching me! I never planned or even expected this. It's fun when people like you leave me comments. I read them all.



@broncnutz Thanks again. Got the BitShares account as you said but have not got around buying some, just watching the price. I guess the Bit20 is all the motivation I need to do it now. Thanks this is good information. This space moves so fast is always handing to get real life tips. Getting some about now.


This price is really nice right now.

A crypto fund is basically the managed capital of digital money that is available to the investors for replication. It serves as a bridge between a trader, who is creating the crypto fund, and the one who would happily invest into that fund. The ultimate goal of participating in a crypto fund is to gain crypto assets for both the parties.

Cutting edge news as always, thanks Bronc!!! Is that a mason jar you're drinking from, what a G!


Mason jars are kinda Gangster....

I understand cryptos but not more traditional fund concepts. This is pretty exciting and makes sense. Thanks for the heads up Teacher!


Hey Teacha!.....leave us kids alone....

Genius video and great to learn something new you showing the best way of how to do it that's interesting to see :)

Wonderful video @broncnutz, i like the Bitshares account and his concept, its very helpful for me, you're explain very well about cryptocoin Index fun, its a very interesting things in crypto world. Thumbs up!!!

thanks for information on bittwenty ,bitshares and bitcoin crytocurrency ☺

This is the reason why people rate you so high,amazing vlog.Best is yet to come,belive me you will be one of the superstars in steemit.


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Great content and very wonderfully explained people sometime tend to get confused about crypto and your vlog surely helps everyone. Do you make setup and write a script first or you just start camera and speak whatever you know !!


No script. I just turn in the camera and go for it.

You got my attention right away. I've really been HODL for awhile but when the time comes if I want to cash some into USD the whole tax thing has had me worried for a bit.

Wow so many cryptocurrencies all over. Mehn @broncnutz U'r the real man. Just like you said in the other post. No one can beat you to it. Wow awesome

They keep trying to bring us down and we just keep juking them and breaking ankles. i love the crypto world. Keep up on the awsome videos. Your video about keeping your investments in a wallet instead of on the exchanges was one of the first videos on here i watched.


Thanks for your continued support cousin!

Listen to him guys and be so so so careful to save your private key of BTS because it was the main reason that made me lose my 700 BTS and keep seeing them stuck with no ability to use them
don't miss this point before anything


Dang that sucks!

Genius idea you shared bro that was what i was looking and i never expected it to be on your blog blog wow you just amazed me in broncnutz style :D

I have some BTS and don’t know how to use the account.

The number of shares I have fluctuates and it’s confusing.

I figured I would just ignore it until more info came to me.

HELLO more info! Thank you.

Great information. Why hate towards Ripple though? (newbie here)


Pre mined garbage. Not even a crypto coin.

Hello sir @broncnutz how are you? I am something new in the world of cryptomonedas and in steemit I have little more than 2 months but I am learning little by little, I do not speak English but I use the translator and there I go. Your excellent video is like listening to a friend giving me some advice to win and keep my money. like @broncnutz I told you I'm new this world and I'm learning. Many successes and you have another follower.

decentralized platforms is the only way to go i will go that way thanks for explaining it bro the govt. sucks

Great information! Really it will be helpful for us thanks for sharing thanks for sharing in videos keep it up @broncnutz

wow you are already on the advanced level of it to do things in style wow awesome vlog with great insights

even sometime small things can do wonder i will definitely try that out thanks @broncnutz for sharing this very useful and helpful

This is fantastic!! I just created my account at openledger last week and got my hands on some bitshares for the first time. It’s a good news day!! It’s also NFL free agency day!!! Gonna be fun although it seems like we already know everything that is going to happen today. Lol I’m totally going to look into this index fund. It sounds like a great way to not have to think about which coins to be moving. One thing o wonder about this whole taxation of crypto is, if they are going to tax Avery profitable trade I make then what happens if I pull out? Am I getting taxed on capital gains again? Do dipping taxes? Hmmmm

Nice vlog you came up with now no need to do worry while trading simple and easy :)

momos at it again ahahah great vlog once again ;)

i had no idea at the start what it was but man you simplified whole thing thanks for simplifying in the video great

What a whole lot of Information. Thanks Alot

average person can't be in the game but as long we have you there is no problem thanks for sharing :)

@broncnutz thank you very much . you are best .
It will help me a lot . because i dont know about crypto world so your posts are very interesting for me .
Keep it up dear .

This is a very good index that start it few days ago and so far i find it as very good ome which show very good way about what happen in th market

You all shold watch it

exploding news, now I'm going to get some of it with my 622 bitshares held
have fun my favorite sports steemian man

Thanks @broncnutz for putting across some of the most important hacks in layman’s terms. It is indeed a good detailing about Bittwenty or BTWTY, crypto coin index fund!

this can be helpful to me as a crypto student and am really happy to get you as the first one to follow here and my first comment on this platform to be on your post

Thanks for sharing your valuable information @broncnutz and thank you for giving your precious time to make a video, introducing bittwenty Crypto coin index helpful information. Thumbs up

I need to start with thse algorithm and create my eth wallet and see the whole thing with bitshares .. i am just a baby on this crazy world of crypto.. Thanks for that information sir @broncnutz .. cheers

Bittwenty sounds awesome. I love the Bitshares concept. Thanks for the explanation!

Great information! Really it will be helpful for us thanks for sharing thanks for sharing in videos keep it up

I cannot imagine the panic in Korea and Japan were IOTA to trade below the $1 level.

is very interesting especially against all of my wallets which is a pain in my ass. and Ripple a have some. but these the The only investment I regret to have :(

I loved your contents. Happy Trading :)

very informative post sir@broncnutz

nice video

that means that I can never become an accredited investor and then I won't be able to enjoy this fun. it counts a bad news yeah. but for others who can be accredited investors, It will be really fun.
best of luck to them and also you for tracking the news

accredited investors... it's discrimination again...

interesting it is because i don't have that much knowledge and you gave me a lot of insight how to do it so big thanks to you man

Very nice video
Very nice news

Thanks for sharing mr @broncnutz

Wow!great information
it gives us how much crypto world is advancing everyday.
thanks for sharing@ broncnutz

we are now live through revolution blockchain, which crypto which is the expression first real. policy Keynesian in the last few decades seems to have erode the public trust will fake money, and crypto emergency (pioneered by bitcoin) benefit they seem to have all the advantages of gold standby long without loss whatsoever.

I am very interesting to see this index fund is starting to be launched soon

This will help as I am still learning more about cryptocurrency and bitshare. very nice information.I love it thanks for sharing....

Excellent post,,,,

Very useful video for US citizens .
Have a nice day sir

Govt in all worlds put taxes on crypto profit .
Your video is very good and helpful

You have a helpful topics and i hope that you share with us your experiences here on steemit we are the newbies need your golden advices to develop ourselves and be useful to the platform hope that if you give me your opinion on my content .
Give us the light that show us the way.

This seems like a good place to start on my first day on Steemit, lots of information. Thanks for the information.