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Zethr Keeps Climbing

The Zethr Platform has launched Zlots. Zethr continues to develop new games for users to gamble with tokens. Every time someone buys and sells Zethr tokens, holders make dividends. Not only that, but the tokens slowly increase in value as they are bought. We are now approaching 7K ETH, but I think 10K is in sight. Here is the icing on the cake, as people gamble the bank roll increases. The bank roll get buys tokens on a regular basis giving everyone more DIVS!

Now that I have a bit of Zethr tokens, I will be adding some to the !store in The-City I'll also be giving away 10 tokens to a lucky winner:

Enter Here

Winner Winner

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Sweeet, entered I have 62 ZTH love to get more

I checked the channel just in time, as I see you just posted this.

I have heard of Zethr tokens but havnt looked into it yet, I guess now is the time lol.


yeah buddy its time

10 zethr would mean double for me, all I have is like 13 there...did all the steps hope I win!! ;))

Upvote trail @boyasyie 100% for you


Every post i am learning new things from you.. I should try it and see what is going on.


take a look for yourself. They have stats under the info tab

Cool, I've entered now too! :) ain't nothing like some free crypto get us excited




Winner winner chicken dinner. You provide the contest Mr Contest, I will provide the dead chickens lol
Hey I'm having problems with the Zethr link?


i think it was down for a little.yeah .io. you better use my masternode lol


Yep its back and yep of course on your masternode.

good post im upvoted

What's the value of token?


.002 ETH, it doesn't go up exponentially like previous pyramids

Good opportunity. up votedthumsup1.png, followed and resteemed.

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Thanks @brittuf

Hey great content. How do I join for the contest? By the way, I have just shared an article about Zethr as well 6 hours ago. I would like to get your feedback on it :) I love the platform and the community in discord!

Excellent, thanks for post.
I've done.

@brittuf Hello my best friend how are you.very wonderful sports post and very grateful news.i like it your great full post. thanks for sharing your beautiful life.

All done. I actually bought some Zethr early on, but unfortunately gambled them away like I was in #the-city :D


thanks for donating bankroll dividends lol

Havent looked into zethr. However, im stuck in the discord city man....Addictive as shit still 😂😂
Upvoted, resteemed...thanks 👍👍👍

Seems like a cool thing for gaming community,...

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