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So far I would have been better off staying in BNB but more coins are stacking up and it is gaining major traction from celebrities on Twitter. Soulja Boy Tell Em, Lil Yatty or however you spell it. Jake Paul Tweeted about it as well. It has the social traction.

To detail the contract it is basically 10% in and 10% out. As people come and go 5% for each transaction gets rained on the people holding SafeMoon.

Should you invest?

Personally it's more of a gamble at this point. It has the social traction and will get listed on some exchanges. I think it will continue to get attention.


If I would invest on it I will just get out after when I get profit @brianphobos :)

Yeah that is the plan. Part of the issue is it needs to go up a decent amount or there needs to be a lot of transactions to where I stack a bunch more of the coins because of the 10% penalty for selling. But overall it should be ok.

The ones who gambled got rich

If somebody is still not in - jump on

I jumped back in today when it got listed on HotBit!

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