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What is Stratis?

Stratis is a Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) Platform, created to provide solutions for corporations in the financial sector that want to enjoy the benefits of Blockchain technology. Stratis allows companies to create their custom blockchain applications with the features they require, making the development process simpler and accelerating the development lifecycle for blockchain projects. Source

Currently trading ~ $7.70 a coin and just turned 1 year old today. The first Stratis block was mined exactly a year ago from today and since then, the cryptocurrency saw an all time high of $10.53 with volume of $39,762,036 on May 29, 2017. Yesterday, Stratis was added to Cryptowatch for Poloniex Exchange, giving traders an enhanced technical chart analysis tool.

Accomplishments This Past Year


  • Stratis Bitcoin Full Node on Bitcoin in C#
  • Breeze Wallet Alpha Release
  • Stratis Bitcoin Full Node on Stratis in C#
  • Stratis Mines First POS Block in C#
  • First Tumblebit operation
  • Breezehub


  • Stratis Node available on the Azure Marketplace
  • Stratis Dashboard App
  • Welcomed a lot of new team members
  • New office
  • Stratis Wiki
  • Stratis Academy
  • Partnership with Escalate Group
  • London Blockchain Expo
  • Stratis Ledger Wallet support
  • C# Sharp Conference India


  • From a starting valuation of $ 600,000 to an ATH of $ 1,067,000,000 (1,778 x)
  • ICO price from 0,00001129 BTC to an ATH of 0,00468688 BTC (415x)
  • Best ROI on an ICO
  • Over 25,000 followers on Twitter
  • Over 7,000 members on Slack
  • Over 770 pages on Bitcointalk

Announcement Coming Soon!

The Stratis team took to Twitter today to tease an upcoming announcement that they seem excited about.

It appears that within the next couple of weeks, a big announcement will be dropped. As we know from many other announcements around cryptocurrency, we tend to see a huge hike in the price leading up to the announcement.

Follow the above on Twitter to get the most up to date details.


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Thanks for the info gonna get some !


I got some myself. Let's see how it plays out in the next week.

Stratis is going to be the next one to go all NEO on us. It has been lagging slightly behind NEO/ANS for a while now. Not sure if it will boom as much as NEO, but it should have a decent boost for sure soon!


Yup! NEO conference coming to an end later this week and has gone up ridiculously in the past weeks. Hoping this Stratis news does the same.

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