EOS ICO Direct Buyers Get A Small Win After Multiple Days of Losing Bigly 8/2/2017

in #cryptocurrency3 years ago

Today was a pretty good day for EOS Direct buyers as they managed to get a discount of about $.10 USD per EOS followed by a brief sell off as day traders unloaded their EOS for the profits. After yesterday's major shafting I think it probably turned off a few people. Today will be interesting as everyone is waiting for the Bitcoin Cash Dump once the exchanges allow BCH to flow in. I'll be following it closely like always.

As always Good Luck and check the price for yourself at http://eosscan.io/

Follow me as I follow The EOS ICO with daily updates after the ICO ends for the day. Thank You

Tell me your thoughts or EOS concerns and I'll upvote you.


EOS seems nice as a technology. I'll be looking into creating software using their APIs soon.

Peace on you brother, I am new in this site possible work follow - up and work a vote for all my videos and I will refund them

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