EOS Direct Buyers Buy At Market Value 8/10/2017

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Today was a kind of a weird day for EOS direct buyers as the amount added into the ICO made it to almost the exact price of buying from an exchange. Buyers once again added a massive amount of ETH within the last 5 minutes driving the price up ensuring that nobody received any type of deal.

I would still consider this good news as most of the time buyers get shafted buying from the ICO.

As always Good Luck and check the price for yourself at http://eosscan.io/

Tell me your thoughts or EOS concerns and I'll upvote you.

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Followed. May pick some up before it goes 10x/OMG. We'll see.

I think EOS has a great potential, however I am not sure about the market cap on the ICO. They have yet to prove it. I have invested a little bit myself, because I think this is one of the projects you have to be in. But not too much since, at least at this stage during ICO, the potential is limited.

I agree, I think EOS can be the next big thing. My main issue though is 1 year is a very long time especially in the crypto world. Hopefully Dan and team will have a working network before the ICO ends. NEO is already gaining on Ethereum and will have a time advantage over EOS.

I was watching the EOS crowd shares last night. It was at 3,500 right up until the last minute. When I checked the logs it said 9,000 +

I got a couple of questions for you:

  1. Is there a good video on how to buy ICOs from EOS ? It's damn confusing !
  2. Are the ICOs given back to you as just EOS coins that I can put in my wallet, or are they held until the last day ?

Thanks !

Basically you send your ETH to the EOS crowd sale address and when it's over for the day you have to claim the eos tokens. You can use myetherwallet.com to send ETH and claim the EOS tokens. There are some videos on YouTube and directions at eos.io.

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