EMC2/Einsteinium Crypto set to explode

Just want to give everyone a heads up before this coin moons🌝 On December 7th 2017, They’re going to hardfork EMC2. Instead of creating another version of the coin, they’re going to burn/eradicate 50 million coins from the available mining supply..This in itself is going to be a catalyst to skyrocket price in the next couple days, and proceeding leading up to the fork. Also, the developers released a statement today, that they have mind blowing news that will be released on December 19th..One of the rumors being passed around, is that EMC2 is going to be added to the fourth largest exchange in the world, “Bithumb”.
If this rumor winds up being true it would be huge for this Crypto!!

As I write this, EMC2 is up 14%, and I truely believe it’s gonna gather insane momentum soon. Just want to give my fellow Steemers a heads up. I have the same type of feeling about this coin, as I did when I invested into Darkcoin, now DASH..And yeah that turned out pretty well for me....Peace!!!

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You were so right! 10x right!

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