The Pain of the Daily Commute... Is Cryptocurrency the way out???

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Bratteam doesn't like the daily commute. One part of bratteam uses a Dublin Bus ( if you have ever been to Dublin, Ireland you would know the pain), the other part commutes on the M50 motorway (if you have ever been to Dublin, Ireland you would also know the pain of this). So basically we start the day on a bad note-traffic, road rage, unreliable bus timetable, late for work, look of disapproval from the boss... You get our drift!


So your day starts with a big grumpy head on ya! Totes emosh! Minus craic! You get in to work to work your rear end off for eight hours plus to end up going home in the same commute. And so the cycle continues. Monday to Friday, even the weekend for some of us. Hamster in a wheel. Living for the weekends, wishing our lives away sigh .... Oh to be rich... Win the lotto (highly unlikely), make it your own way with your own business (some ridiculous amount of start ups fail... Feck that) or investment ... BINGO!

What to invest in... One of us is a craftsman, one of us is a scientist... Not a perfect combination of business intelligence. However, we have logic, ambition, dreams and a little bit of disposable income. So Mr. Bratteam is a very curious and questioning character and likes to know what is going on in the world and one day stumbled upon Cryptocurrency. Of course we have all heard of Bitcoin, but I think we've missed the boat on that on. But look at all these cryptocurrencies in their infantile stages...


What do we choose? Cryptocurrency for gambling, shopping, gaming, social media, banking ... So many options? But which one will give us escape from the daily commute. Which one of these early cryptocurrencies will hit the big time? Who knows? Ms. Bratteam uses her scientific mind to pick Nem and Doge... Mr. Bratteam uses his knowledge and literary review and YouTube video knowledge to pick Golem and Reddcoin and Ripple. Will one of these help us get out of the daily commute? I guess we will just have to wait and see... For now, we'll return to watching the traffic lights go from red to green and red again and we are still sitting in the same place... sigh

Bratteam x

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... Is Cryptocurrency the way out???

Hmm... I don't want to sound preachy or philosophical; however mental awareness plays a HUGE role (if not the all) for the way out. Collecting assets and currencies are merely the results.
I'm wishing you @bratteam joyful success here on steemit 😃

good job - interesting and useful

Good post... Keep the good work going

I gave up on the commute around Dublin in 2010 and have been working online since. There are many ways to make a living online. Ripple is a good choice. I'm in on that one too but investing in crypto is new to me so dont take that as investment advice

If I can do it, you can do it......find something you are passionate about...and then turn that into an online business.


Thank you for the advice! Dublin is too painful... Especially when you are a culchie in the big smoke!


well ya see thats part of the problem, if all ye fecking culchies went home, we wouldnt have so much traffic :-)

good job really helpful thanks upvoted!!