Cryptomarket is down and I don't care because there is much more to come !

in #cryptocurrency6 years ago

Hi guys !

My main interest in blockchain is the technical side of the thing. I really loved the original bitcoin paper, so much that I start digging on what this thing is solving, the how, the what and so on.
Never mind, in this end it is just a program running on a bunch of computers linked together by Internet.

I saw that Uncle Andreas Antonopoulos is publishing his Ethereum Book:
I am really eager to see his digested technical point of view, it will be a good read for Christmas.

The token/money is an interesting "simple and limited" case, but there are so much more applications and usages to come.

I think from a tech point of view, we should see soon scalable tech that will emerge and it will take over in different fields/niches with the same concerns.
This is what I will look to invest in from my own tech perspective.

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