LELECOIN for future

At this time I will give an opinion on the project named LELECOIN. Coins born from JPL adaptation and theme make everything is possible in hands.

In terms of this lelecoin roadmap has a real framework that is kept updated in accordance with the deadlines on their roadmap. the closest is the internal exchange that will be launched in May 2018.

LELE coin is built as PoS platform of JPL which is in the beginning only has one thing as a reward. With LRP distribution system the users will also get the reward as an appreciation of maintaining LELE blockchain network. Users must have LELE coin used as hash power to get LELE coin from LRP reward.
With LRP reward system, forging has two rewards just like coin reward in POW. Nowadays, both POW and PoS do not have yet supply and demand control to supervise the rate. LRP system has supply and demand to control the rate. It forces rate stabilization which aims is to get the equilibrium, so it can suppress the volatility happened in crypto.

However, LRP will be very effective if LELE can maintain the demand constantly.
In adopting LRP system, 70% of the total coins (one billion coins supply) will be given automatically through LRP-bot if LELE price rises 10% from its ICO price. But, if the price drops, LRP will automatically be deactivated and reset the rate 10% before it rose.
In one year there will be halving just like POW that make the reward reduced.

from here I see that the real potential of lelecoin to develop in the long run, because their basic foundation is the community.

and on the other hand, there are many real projects that they do by using blockchain from LELECOIN.

as a small example is a digital diploma that will be implemented in April. I myself am very confident with this lelecoin project because basically, their country of origin (Indonesia) in terms of the use of blockchain for everyday life is still very minimal. maybe this could be the reason for elelcoin growing even further.

market available for a current purchase of lelecoin is at https://stocks.exchange/trade/LELE/LTC. as I said above this is the time to invest because they are preparing an internal market for lelecoin.

for the team from lelecoin itself maybe in many who feel foreign with the CEO of lelecoin. but for traders may have used his trading indicators at tradingview.com (click search IACTC).

he himself is very active in building a trading community before starting this leleocoin project. you hesitate? if a developer is visible in the real world maybe I will not doubt him as CEO of lelecoin.

maybe that's all I can say for this lelecoin, lots of opportunities for the long term from them. only with the help of investors and the community can help make this happen.

good luck lelecoin.

website : https://e-chain.id/
facebook : https://www.facebook.com/LELEcoin1
twitter : https://twitter.com/Lelecoin_media
medium : https://medium.com/@lele.coinx
telegram : https://t.me/lele_coin
ann thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2939240.0