A tale of travels to where the gold still lays.

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago 


we travel, we test our resolve, we push, we rest and may we strike it rich.

and we have a laugh haha, pitch black, cold and tired. Swinging in hammocks, couldnt help to just piss our selves laughing.

chilli morning on this rainforest creek, try working in the water!360.JPG

some of the goods we found, not much... ease up its freakin hard work!005.JPG

for those trying to make coin digging for gold, swap to crypto! you wont break you back, freeze, get eatin or die in general.

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bwah hahahahah i wanna go find gold with you bro, thats epic

adventure every time

So sick!! Where is this??

in a northern part of australia

So cool, I'd love to do this just for fun with my friends!

thats the best part, getting out and having fun and if its a big hike then the exercise too.