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RE: Free cryptocurrency, unsure what is cryptocurrency, on the fence to get started, and/or unsure where to start?

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Crypto is very confusing with all the new coins. Just knowing wallet addresses can be a headache but i think this is the one you wanted from my kryptonia wallet tab - 5ZANM87oycvTQk5mBc6LpJ5VBpCqyLaJfG1TDkLoKfGJ7Rr49tZh1MPH3avopFcrj2ZrWKE8EKN9hJULRjXDa2fUVqMqPz6hHYwRwsWomD
kryptonia @boboxer


Agreed especially with our long address. (Some coin addresses are even longer) Also thanks for completing the task I sent you 500 sup

Thank you! I was wondering if it is possible to mine sup on a tablet - say with the link you provided for

Not sure, on my old tablet I couldn't get it to work. If you join the telegram channel as the admins they will know more.

Thanks, i will check it out. I would love to browser mine SUP because i believe it is a coin to watch.

Now its even more easy get into the crypto world with Superior tools accessibility, for future Q&A you can join to the telegram channel below:

Btw you should visit the main site:
where you will find all the resources and ways to mine even in your mobile device.
Cheers !!

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